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There was an old thread a while back but it died due to inactivity, so time to bring it back again! Essentially in this thread you can post about your best and worst moments when playing through the Fourth Generation. Here you can post experiences that made you leap for joy, experiences you wish you had forgotten the moment they happened and any other moments you'd like to share. If you're unsure of what sort of things you'll exactly need to post, then here are a few examples to get you started:

Best moments:

Example #1

I was walking through Eterna Forest and it seemed to be like a normal day you know? There was no sign anything out of the ordinary would happen, so I kept trekking through the dark woods with Cheryl closely tagging behind me with her Chansey. We were walking through the grass and I was training my latest team member, a Drifloon which I had caught at the Valley Windorks last night. After encountering a few wild Budews, I encountered a shiny Buneary. This never happened to me. I rubbed my eyes and it was still there on the screen with it's cute smile edging me on. I sent out my Drifloon and managed to whittle down it's health before capturing the Buneary. I grinned holding the Pokeball in my hand, my first shiny, it was the best moment I ever had when playing through either D/P/Pt or HG/SS and probably in my whole entire career as a Pokemon trainer.

Example #2

My best moment in the entire fourth generation was definitely defeating Cynthia. Yeah alright that sounds a little pathetic and some of you may be sitting there going "Yeah so? Everyone can defeat the champion.". But really this was an entirely different matter for me. I was new to Pokemon and often I had no clue what I was doing exploring around areas I had never been to before, often asking my sister for help and directions. My team consisted of all sorts of odd Pokemon, those you'd never imagine one to use unless in a really difficult challenge of some sort. After five months of playing through the game, I had finally gotten to the Pokemon League. It was a huge achievement for me considering at the third gym, I was already moaning that the game edged the level of almost impossible which my sister snorted at. I was excited and prepared myself for the Elite Four and their mysterious champion. After healing up and buying a few supplies I headed through the gates.

I struggled with the Elite Four after Aaron, I was considering giving up at times. Not only were my Pokemon an odd bunch that had rather pathetic attacks, they were also extremely underlevelled. Looking back on it now I laugh endlessly at it, but let's get back to the point. Somehow I managed to get through all of the Elite Four although I had to heal often in between and while battling to survive. Then I made it to the champion's room. By then I was quivering and had the instant urge to bite my fingernails, but I stopped myself. You can do it, I told myself. After a gruelling battle, I realised I had won. I had beaten the game, so long ago I thought was impossible. There's still the aftergame but still.... that moment of victory I will always cherish.

Example #1: Found a Shiny Buneary in Eterna Forest while training a Drifloon.

Example #2: Beat the champion in Platinum after considering the game impossible- mainly because of an underlevelled and odd team.

Worst Moments:


I'll never forget the day when I was careless and roared away a shiny Dialga. Some of you might be sitting up in your chair at this moment and screaming "CHEATER!", at the top of your lungs. But really this was luck, pure luck. I couldn't believe my own eyes, myself. I did a giddy dance and grinned, this was my first shiny encounter and what luck it was one of the most amazing Pokemon (in my opinion)! I sent out Empoleon and whittled it's HP easily down to the Red Health Bar before switching in Luxray and hoping to maybe throw in a paralysis. Instead of clicking the appropiate status condition move, I clicked Roar accidentally. You can probably imagine my reaction. I was pulling my hair out and yelling furiously before being told to calm down by my brother who was watching me with an amused look on his face. Why I had Roar in the first place, I can't exactly remember. But I learnt my lesson and now everytime I face any Pokemon, I pay careful attention to the moves I use.

tl;dr: Roared away a Shiny Dialga.

NOTE: These are just examples and have not actually happened to me. I've just composed them quickly to give you an idea of what you can post.

You can describe your moments in any way you like, whether it'd be a story or a poem or anything really. Just make sure that it happened in the Fourth Generation and that it's appropiate (i.e: not too much excessive swearing), which is probably a given. Post away! :>
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