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~ Do you often go on YouTube? -I usually check in at least once a day
~ If so, what types of videos do you watch? -mostly LPs, some reference videos for projects and programs.
~ News, shows, gaming, music, or just random stuff you enjoy? Mostly gaming or how-to videos. That's the majority of my viewing habits.
~ What Youtubers do you normally watch? I have very few subscriptions. I watch Marriland, Chuggaaconroy, Blacklightattack, Jwittz, Haydun, and Sephazon.
~ Do you go on another video sharing website, like DailyMotion of Vimeo? nope not really. I think for now I'll stick with Youtube, but mostly because trying to maintain a channel with uploads on 2 sites might get a little hectic for me right now.[/QUOTE]
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