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It's been a while since my last update, and it will probably be a while until my next update, but I've found some free time this afternoon and decided to take the opportunity to make some progress in my Steel run in Black 2. In my last update, I had made my way through defeating Elesa. Since then and before today, I traveled to Drifveil City, defeated Clay, and began traveling through Chargestone Cave. Today I finished exploring Chargestone, explored Route 7/Celestial Tower, defeated Skyla, and flew to Lentimas town before saving. During my time in Chargestone Cave I added on to my team by capturing an awfully cute (female!) Nosepass, and managed to evolve both it and Magneton in the progress!

Black 2 Team:
Lucario / lv41 / Force Palm, Quick Attack, Bone Rush, Counter
Magnezone / lv41 / Tackle, Magnet Bomb, Flash Cannon, Spark
Excadrill / lv41 / Earthquake, Rock Slide, Slash, Metal Claw
Probopass / lv41 / Discharge, Power Gem, Spark, Rock Slide
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