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    Dear Anonymous,

    I'm sorry for everything. Maybe there will come a time where we can communicate like we did before, but right now it's just far too painful...I'm just...sorry, alright? I know I did things that pushed you to the point where you did what you did for completely justifiable reasons. But I'm much like a dog. Just beat an idea into my head long enough, and, in time, I'll learn.

    Dear Anonymous,

    Last night was really powerful after you poured these things out to me...I was given a bit of insight into who you really are, last night. The things you spoke to me, the fears you had...I suppose that's a similarity we possess, then. And I don't know how to feel about you telling me all this...but it certainly makes me feel honored. I'd like to join you in your quest in finding that guidance, and maybe, perhaps, we can both find something we're looking for. And, if nothing else, I'd like to think that I wouldn't be able to forget you so wouldn't become some dusty memoir of the past for me.

    I think I might be falling for you...but I'm not sure how to feel about that. I suppose one way or another, though, the pieces will fall into place in their own due time. You certainly make things interesting, after all.

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