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    Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
    Egg on your face then, I guess.

    Muslim doesn't mean you look middle eastern.

    I'm Muslim and I'm Caucasian. People mix up Persian and Arab ethnicity with being Muslim. Chinese people can be Christian. An Arab could be Buddhist. A Hispanic person could be Jewish. Really has nothing to do with it. Just because a certain people is stereotyped as being a certain religion - Arabs being Muslims, Hebrews being Jewish, Americans being Christian - doesn't mean they all are whatsoever, and it certainly doesn't mean that that religion is exclusive to a particular ethnicity either (as I've just proven with my own religious beliefs).

    Not to mention, like Christians, there are different levels of "extreme" in Muslim societies. Whereas the Saudi Arabians have so integrated their religion into their politics (interpreting the Book at will and controlling the people with it - think, pre-Marthin Luther and Protestant society), other Muslim societies have developed women's rights and pretty much all of them outside of the Middle-East protest the burkah. I've seen some pretty extremist Christian riots and acts, too, like abortion clinic bombings that are on-par with stuff other people from other religions have done. It's all equally terrifying.


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