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Originally Posted by Rain Dancer View Post
What do you think of the Atacama humanoid? Quite possibly the first case of an -alien looking- humanoid body that's been out in the public realm, and with solid evidence to back it up.
It may be alien-looking, but the DNA is human. So, it is human. (Although, I think the report said the analysis is incomplete?)

Originally Posted by Rain Dancer View Post
You won't see much of this in the mainstream media.
Because it has nothing to do with anything. It's rather niche. It'll be relatively big news within cryptozoology circles, but not elsewhere. Same way more... traditionally recognized yet somewhat vaguely related scientific fields don't get broad coverage of things like uncontacted tribes or say, homo floresiensis.

Originally Posted by Rain Dancer View Post
Personally, Im actually wondering how something like this didn't get shot down by the governments in power, and their obvious agendas to keep things like this, secret.
I don't follow you. What would they gain by keeping these kinds of things secret? And what do they lose when they don't? Nothing and nothing.

Originally Posted by Rain Dancer View Post
Let me add that I've been watching the two hour documentary, it came out a few days ago. They're taking it down in Youtube and censoring it everywhere it's uploaded, so your best bet to get to see it is via torren- *Shot*
..It's worth it.
There's plenty on YouTube when you search for it. The new documentary may not be there because being such a niche thing, the creators stand to suffer a greater financial loss if it is available on YouTube - rather than purchased through them.

My view overall is inline with what BlahISuck is saying. Interesting, but many more plausible earthly explanations
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