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    Hey guys. So Thanks to thor348 I figured out how to do something that has been bugging a LOT of people. How to Animate the Title Screen! I've seen many posts asking how you can use a .gif or multiple frames in a loop as a title screen instead of a static image. I found out how (It was actually really simple XD) Anyway here we go.

    Tutorial by Rayd12smitty using Pokemon Essentials Version 11

    The Images
    First, you need your new title screen. No .gif images here! You need all your images as frames, one for each frame in the game (Unless you want to mess around with the timer) There are 20 frames in one second, so you may have a LOT of images. Thats alright though. Name your images
    Splash_1, Splash_2, Splash_3, etc. Put them in a folder Called Splash inside your game folder in Graphics/Titles. I recommend over 100 frames, even if they are just duplicates. I have 40 different frames, but 3 or 4 of each one in a row so it doesn't move so fast. This brings the total to 120 or 160 depending on how fast I want it. It takes a while to name all the images but it needs to be done.

    The Script
    Alright. The script we are dealing with is Scene_Intro. This is the scene that loads the start screen (The black screen with Pokemon Essentials creators on it) and the Title screen. Open the script and go to line 50. It should say
    Code:"Graphics/Titles/"[email protected]
    Directly ABOVE it, add the line
    @Animation = 1
    This sets the title screen's frame to 1.

    Then REPLACE the line that is now line 51 which says
    Code:"Graphics/Titles/"[email protected]
    This will change where the images are found and makes it so the images name depends on the variable we created (@Animation)

    Halfway done. Now find the line that says
    @timer=0 if @timer>=80
    it should be around line 62. AFTER this line add
    @Animation+=1 if @Animation
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