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actually we were reaching (live) server capacity and things were slowing down. It seem there was some 1000+ visitors all trying to read threads at once. Cloudflare offloads a lot of the static page stuff like images, css files and javascript files to help PC with keeping server loads down and pages faster.

No CDN service can make the database or the apache webserver any faster especially when its hammered. Only time (or less traffic) can.

We upped the protection strength temporarily of cloudflare so as to help with this sudden increase in ACTIVE traffic. If you can't load the site on a thread URL, or are seeing this image it is your URL query string most likely triggering it (its looking for bad stuff that would tend to lock up the server). Try to clear cookies / cache and then try again with just the home page, then find your thread of interest.

We'll be monitoring this for the next few hours and into the week.
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