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    No posts yet? damn you SMOGON!! the lack of diversity ticks me off :L

    Well here I go

    Species: Hydreigon
    nature: Mild/rash
    Ability: Spoiled for choice xD
    Moves: Tailwind | Draco Meteor | Super Power | Fire Blast
    Ev's: 148Atk | 248 sp.Atk | 112 (I will explain don't worry )
    Item: Life Orb

    The inspiration for this came from the agiligross from the days of d/p/pt. Its very simple and effective. Basically 70-80% after you find the opportunity to switch in hydreigon for free your opponent will switch into something expecting to sponge a draco meteor i.e. Ferrothorn,Scizor,Tyranitar,Blissey the list goes on this gives you a free turn in a similar vein to metagross you take this opportunity to set up tailwind(Agility) 112 EVs in a tailwind ensures that hydreigon outspeeds Modest 252 Venasaur in the sun THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT I used this on a weatherless team and every time I came up against a sun team they would send in venasaur to kill off my weakened hydreigon, 148 EVs nabs the KO on terrakion(I used to run 144 but once a terrakion survived with 1hp and cost me the match) scarf terrakion( in my opinion ) is one of the best revenge killers in the game and is very common, the given EVs also 1HKO 252/0 Tyranitar other hydreigon and 2HKO Blissey,Heatran,Ferrothorn and scizor the latter are ko'd be fire blast in the rain I did the calculations with 252/168 ferrothorn and 248/8 scizor now that all the technical jargon is out of the way, I'll explain what makes it simple.
    Like I said once Hydreigon is in it more often than not it forces a switch granting you a free tailwind simple yes? the beauty of the set is what happens after those steps, because of smogon most pokemon sets are very "predictable", everyone who copies a team off smogon will always expect draco meteor or a special coverage move and this punishes those people who believe you cant touch their dedicated special walls and often kos or puts a huge dent in 2 or 3 pokemon because its so unpredicatable.

    Every pokemon has its flaws however and this is no different, with life orb, hazards and possibly sandstorm or a burn(with all the scald spamming) hydreigon wont last very long so its really a die trying set, some matches but not very often at the end of tailwind I can switch out hydreigon safely having only lost life orb damage and possibly try again. this set cannot do ANYTHING to jellicent and the lesser seen eviolite dusknoir although draco meteor takes a nice chunk its not substantial and it a waste of your valuable tailwind turns so removing those pokemon first would be ideal, as with most dragons hydreigon lacks priority and has a weakness to 2 very common ones ice shard and mach punch.

    I really like this set, and I'm delighted I came up with it ^ _ ^ with proper team support and synergy this can work very well. I like to use tentacruel as a spinner as it has nice synergy with hydreigon it resists mach punch/bullet punch and ice shard can spin away hazards and lay down toxic spikes to help facilitate a sweep hydreigon is also immune to ground and psychic which grants me the free switch we desire trappers like wobbufet/gothilette/scizor are also invaluable something else I found amazingly fun was a choice banded hustle durant in a tailwind which was a real reward over risk kinda deal

    Also not really moveset per say but I like using this scizor especially with the popularity of rain teams:

    Species: Scizor
    nature: Adamant
    Ability: Technician
    Moves: Acrobatics | Natural gift | Bullet punch | u-turn/roost/swords dance/pursuit
    Item: Wacan Berry
    evs: 252 Atk 252 Spe 4Hp

    Natural gift trolls all the waters and laughs at the gyarados expecting a free dragon dance Technician ensures acrobatics is always at least 80(not the exact figure) base power when you dont want to waste your wacan berry just yet bullet punch is bullet punch and there are so many options for the last slot.

    This is somewhat of a gimmick set I admit, regular choice band scizor is still king but this is fun to play with when your sick of everyone using everything smogon says is good, natural gift lets scizor hurt things it usually couldnt like jellicent/gyarados/politoed/vaporeon/tentacruel and rotom-w to a lesser extent.
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