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Personally, one of the things I've always liked about PC was the immense liberties allowed with regards to signature size, allowing one to have a very creative signature if one so wished. 200 pixels tall simply does not feel like enough signature space to me despite previously frequenting sites where signatures even that large were forbidden before re-discovering PC.

I do understand the screen-space and missing a post because of a sea of large signatures, though.

One thing I'd like to see done is switching the default postbit from standard to legacy, because legacy is infinitely superior. :P I'm only half serious about this suggestion.

Only suggestion I can think of is to work on the signature scrollbar box so that it renders properly in all browsers and styles it is enabled in for all common screen resolutions. I get scrollbars on some people's signatures that are less than 350 pixels tall on some occasions. I'm fairly certain it's just when the position:relative; is used in the BB Code CSS, but I'm not 100% sure.
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