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Originally Posted by Harlequin View Post
Unfortunately, my signature (and all signatures, really) is not one size fits all and I doubt that they ever will be. Changing the rules to cater to the whims of a small minority of members is both illogical and just kinda rude to those who do utilise all the space in their signatures. I hate to be that person, but since I have been named and 'shamed' in this thread, I'm going to say this: deal with it.
"Shamed"? I don't see how anyone has been "shamed" by anything here, especially after using careful language.

The majority of the signatures on this site are a healthy size... but some really maximize the space alotted (in their own right) and it's just too big.
I also address the fact that I don't feel that a majority of users have small screens like my Acer: "Not sure how many users have small screens like mine"

As well as explaining that rather than pursuing this issue, which can be fixed on my own end, I'd simply be Adblock'ing the ones that are :too large: for a 10" screen. Again, because everyone in their own right can have large signatures, because it breaks no rules. The thread is about things that I would change which is where my opinion derives from. It's not a thread on its own, plus other individuals shared the same :too big: notion before me. If someone else other than you had posted in this thread that I would have considered having a signature that is :too big: then I would have used them as an example as well.

I have no idea why you feel "shamed" about anything, nor why you feel targeted, when it was clearly stated prior to that that it is in everyone's right to maximize their signature within the rules. You did just that, and that's fine, but again, the topic of signatures being :too big: had already been brought up before my examples. The people I chose as examples had posted in this thread, making it an easy reference for others to "see what I meant" by :too big: and was completely arbitrary.

However, I would completely understand if I had made a thread titled "X's SIGNATURE IS TOO BIG." That would be mean, and you would have a valid reason to feel as you expressed, but I didn't do that. I picked people who had larger signatures in this thread - because it's pertinent and easily accessible, already reading it and all - to compare and understand how I see them. On larger screens, such signatures would not be an issue; if I had my 15" still, everything would be dandy.

Which is why, again, I prefer just to use Adblock because it solves my problem which, again, is probably felt by a minority. Most people have larger screens, I'd say.

Also noting that I forgot about Adblock till Livewire mentioned "blocking" signatures.

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