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    I disagree. Iris won her title from Alder as she should have. She's more childish about it but still does as much as Lance did when he wasn't a Champion. She assisted the character in finding Team Plasma in Castellia.

    Claire wasn't that great a Gym Leader either. She tried to trick the main character into doing something she thought was impossible just so she didn't have to give you a badge for beating her. She was spoiled and inconsiderate of her position. Much more undeserving of her title than Iris is.

    We know next to nothing on Lance and Drake though. Both are stern and more serious than the other two, but we have nothing on them background wise to say why they are like this.

    @Pinky do not bring SSB outside of a thread for it. Its spam to just randomly throw it in on any given topic. We don't know who will appear in the next one. Only the director and game designers know who they plan to add in. A character's position in a game does not dictate whether or not they will appear in SSB. Please keep SSB discussions to a thread about SSB.
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