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No I do not think he is overpowered. In fact, I am glad he leveled up 7 levels. Makes it more challenging and more exciting. When I first faced him on HG, I expected his Pokémon to be the same as in Gold. My strongest Pokémon was at lv 65 or something and going in to battle him with all my Pokémon in the 60s expecting his to be in the 70s which is sufficiently low enough for me to conquer with my level of skill, got me destroyed in battle by him. As a result, I prepared for his stronger team my getting all of my Pokémon into the 70s having my strongest at 75. I ended up winning the second round. Now I am on a new game, have about 13 badges, no cheating with infinite rare candies like some people do, haven't even lost yet. He could level up to 100 for all I care.
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