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Posts: 3,489 D/P they were...adequate. Lucian, Flint's Infernape and Bertha's Hippowdon, were the only real challenges before Cynthia. Although I was still a fan of Flint even though his team was naff.

In Platinum the upgraded teams were a great bonus. Aaron gaining a Scizor and Yanmega made him a lot more fearsome than a Beautifly. Bertha's Gliscor and Rhyperior were great additions, as were the powerful Espeon and Gallade to Lucian's team. But Flint was definitely brought up to a more appropriate standard for an Elite Four member. Flareon, Houndoom and Magmortar were much more enjoyable to face than Lopunny, Steelix and Drifblim. Him and Volkner definitely needed their added Eeveelutions and Magmortar / Electivire.

The decoration of their rooms in Platinum was a nice added touch too. And when I didn't know about their level gains when I went back for a re-match...I think I was dead in the water by the time I got to Lucian :)
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