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Oh, I thought this was gonna be a "why do you think Pokemon evolve through trade?" thing haha. But yeah this is fine. If you, or anyone else for that matter, do want to make a thread about that, Pokemon General is where it'd go. I think that'd be an interesting topic actually.

I digress! There are some great Pokemon you can get from trade evolution, such as Slowking, Gengar, Accelgor, Alakazam, Kingdra...maan. Good stuff. I don't mind the simple trade evolutions much, like the originals from gen I (Machamp, Golem, etc) but when items got incorporated, it got a little more annoying and tedious and it makes me not wanna do it. Plus you gotta get your hands on that item, and some of them are in post-game or something annoying, and that kind of sucks if you can't wifi trade or don't have another game with that item that you can borrow.

As for Pokemon I've used that evolve through trade, I've probably used them all at some point in my Pokemon playing career haha. As far as recent playthroughs go, I just used a Steelix in White 2 and I'm using a Slowking in SoulSilver, which I just evolved last night actually. I've enjoyed all the trade evolution Pokemon I've used as far as I remember. The one I probably liked least was Golem, but I'm not generally a huge fan of Rock types anyway haha. I don't use them very often though. It depends on whether or not I want to bother with it or not. I'm more receptive to it if it's in gen IV or above, but gen III I'm a bit more hesitant because I hate having to get out the GBAs and the link cable. I really wish I could use trade evolutions in gen I and II. I don't have a cable to link my GameBoy and GBC though, so that won't happen. Maybe I'll get one in the future and I can enjoy trade evolution bbys in Crystal. <3

This post came out waaaay longer than I thought it would! Haha.
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