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My first and only PMD was Blue Rescue Team (I plan on getting GTI). When I had to do the quiz I was really excited (because I am a sucker for them) and answered all the questions honestly. I turned out to be a Bulbasaur so I restarted it right away! Not that I take any disliking to him, he is cute, but the one and only Pokemon I wanted to be was Eevee, so I quizzed everyone in the house and my mom got me her!

With Eevee, I chose either Mudkip as my partner and named her Millie (I was a little kid, so... xD). Anyway, I didn't get too far with Eevee and Mudkip, just a little past Mount Faraway. I think I evolved into Vaporeon. It was then my brother told me that "Skitty is the best. You should have been her", so I deleted my file, made a new one, deleted that one and made another one being Skitty again, with squirtle as my third partner. I got all the way past Wish Cave and beat Mewtwo, then decided that my file could have been a bit better so for the fourth time I deleted my file and only recently begun as a Chikorita named Chi-Chi and a Cyndaquil named Zen. Fun times... :3
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