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Bug Monotype Single Run (SoulSilver): Update #2


- Climbed down the Slowpoke Well
- Defeated all of Team Rocket, including Admin Proton (Ledyba evolved into Ledian after the admin battle)
- Kurt escorted me to his house, where he gave made me a Fast Ball in exchange for an apricorn
- Left his house, and headed out to the Ilex Forest (I returned there to see if I could get Headbutt; I need it to get my other two party pokemon.)
- Rival Kondumb challenges me, I beat him mercilessly.
- Entered the Ilex Forest, and rounded up the two Farfetch'd.
- Realizing I needed the Hive Badge to use HM01, I left the forest and headed to the gym.
- Defeated all the gym trainers, and challenged Bugsy.
- Defeated Bugsy.
(Rating: 1.75/5)
- Exited the gym, and went back to the Ilex Forest.
- Cut down the necessary trees and taught Ledian Headbutt via move tutor
- Headbutted about 39 trees - only finding Hoothoot, to my dismay.
- Made my way through the forest empty-handed.
- Followed the rest of the route up to Goldenrod City
- Healed up, then went to the Game Corner
- Played Voltorb flip for a couple hours, getting enough coins to buy a Wide Lens, and TM 75 (Swords Dance)
- Exited and went to the Radio Tower to find Whitney
- Passed the quiz with ease, sending Whitney back to the gym
- Left the tower and went north up to Route 35
- Spent approximately 27 years finding a Yanma
- Eventually caught one; female
- Grinded the Yanma up 7 levels to catch it up with the rest of the team (Lv. 21)
- Returned to Goldenrod and went straight to the gym
- Defeated all the gym trainers, then took on Whitney.
- Defeated Whitney on the second try
(Rating: 3.75/5)
- Got the Squirtbottle next door
- Went to the Dept. Store and bought TM 52 (Focus Blast); taught it to Ledian
- Left the Dept. Store
- Headed up to the Pokeathlon Dome to see "what's up" over there
- Did a Jump Course with Ledian, Yanma, and Paras
- Won the course barely - due to doing terribly on the last game. (It's difficult on an emulator)
- Left the pokeathlon dome, then went to the National Park.
- Didn't stay long; exited east.
- Used a squirtbottle on the blocking Sudowoodo
- Defeated it after it attacked. (Paras evolved into Parasect)
- Headed North to Ecruteak city, and saved.

Game Time: 6:45
Badges: 3/16

Current Party:

Ledian (Lv. 25)
- Light Screen
- Focus Blast
- Headbutt
- Supersonic

Dustox (Lv. 25)
- Harden
- Psybeam
- Gust
- Moonlight

Parasect (Lv. 25)
- Slash
- Stun Spore
- Spore
- Leech Life

Yanma (Lv. 23)
- Supersonic
- Quick Attack
- Roost
- Double Team