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    Grass monotype SS Update: 2

    - Entered Bug Gym cleared it out then healed up and then challenged the Gym Leader the first time I got wrecked

    - Challenged him again this time the rolls actually worked in my favor. I started it off with my bellsprout and he just one hit KO'd it with U-turn right away. I then sent out my oddish and he sent out a metapod, I put it to sleep and spammed acid at it he healed it with a potion I KO'd it. he then sent out scyther; I used sleep powder he used leer and so I luckily put him to sleep and then spammed acid he used a barry but after about 4 turns I took him down then mopped up the last kukuna with acid again lol.

    - My starter Oddish hit LVL 21 in that battle and evolved into a gloom.

    - Healed up and cut through Illex forest fighting and leveling my new oddish along the way.

    - cleared my way to the 3rd Gym city and healed up and right away went to the national park. It's saturday so I joined the bug catching contest I went out and caught a venonat by putting it to sleep and spamming sport balls w/o damaging it. I won the contest with a score of 390 (IIRC) and got the sun stone I then walked around the and caught a sunkern.

    - Went to the Gym cleared out the Gym trainers and my oddish evolved into a gloom.

    - Left and cleared the national park and the the underground area where the haircut (?) brothers are.

    - I then went and challenged whitney and one on my first attempt. I sent out my bellsprout and lowered the clefairy's HP to the red then whitney wasted he potion on it then it KO'd my bellsprout. I sent out my gloom and spammed acid and took the clefairy out. I then switched to Bellossom and I put the miltank to sleep it used a barry to wake up I then put it to sleep again. Then I started to spam mega drain to regain my lost HP my first two did normal damage but my 3rd one pulled a crit and took out miltank just as it woke up from sleep. (nothing but luck lol)

    - Grinded hoppip in route 34 for one level to LVL 18 and it evolved into skiploom.

    - Went to play some pokethlon. (or whatever it's called lol)


    Bellossom lvl 24 (F) Gentle
    Mega drain/sweet scent/Magical Leaf/sleep powder
    Item:Miracle Seed

    Gloom lvl 22 (F) Naive
    Mega Drain/sweet scent/Acid/Poison powder
    Item: Poison Barb

    Bellsprout lvl 19 (F) Hasty
    Vine whip/poison powder/wrap/sleep powder
    Item: Quick Claw

    Skiploom lvl 18 (F) Quiet
    stun spore/synthesis/U-turn/tackle
    Item: N/A

    Sunkern lvl 12 (M) Rash
    Absorb/Bullet Seed/Mega Drain/Ingrain
    Item: N/A

    P.S. I tried to add some color so my updates weren't disgusting to look at