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    I've requested a new Super Smash Bros club to be made a few months back and but no one took the plunge so I assumed that nobody was interested.

    Though with the new Smash being announced and now that Melee EVO tournament was over I thought some people's interest in the series would peak yet again so I'm gonna take a chance in requesting for someone to remake the club again if they wish. I can't do it myself due to my lack of will and activity.

    EDIT: Truth be told, I'm surprised there isn't an Animal Crossing club. It's not something I'd be interested in, but everyone is playing New Leaf these days...I mean Fire Emblem has a seemingly active one just because of Awakening being completely overrated, and all they talk about is that particular game, so I could see a AC club being a big one.

    EDIT2: As how to keep a club active in regards to the post above Basically, I've learned the hard way during the mod days that a club's activity is out of your control. I mean, even if you're good at managing, you can't escape people disinterest in the club's purpose especially if it's not a big thing. (Like a TV show...) There's also the fact that a topic's popularity or people's interest never stay constantly. For example, the Fire Emblem thread is gonna go for a dump once the Awakening craze wears down.

    Don't bombard the thread with useless topics. Best thing for you to do is make a thoughtful post that makes people WANT to reply to, even if it goes down to criticism. It keeps the discussion go on for long. As an example, look at the old Smash club, it only died off once people started getting busy, otherwise it was super active last summer.

    Also don't expect everyone to contribute. For some reason some people join clubs they're not all that interested in for whatever purposes. Best way is to have a discussion with someone you're comfortable with and know in the club, it gets people who are interested in the club's topic to want to join in.

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