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I am probably not the best writer of fic titles. XD Oh well. I just try to think of something that'll suit the story in its tone or describing it. I don't look about for inspiration, and sometimes only go with the title after finishing the story itself...

The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum - a pretty darn straightforward title, but I suppose it works in that it tells one what the story is about, haha. Granted this was my first fic so I hadn't given too much thought about titles all the way back then.

Unfortunately Blue - I went with a title that reflected a theme/event in the story. I think it was commented upon as being a good title for it, so I suppose it worked!

Keep Out - that title was just used as it worked both as a theme and as a title of a message/letter that the story was about.

Turnabout Assumptions - not my idea! :V It did fit both a theme of the story and the fact it was an Ace Attorney fic (Turnabout _____ is common theme of episode titles in the games).

Snapshots - again, just a simple title that reflected a theme of the story, in which different points of a Pokémon's life was shown (ergo, snapshots).

That's fics that I've posted at any rate. =p
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