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Titles used to be difficult to come up with for me until I switched my writing order and just gave my fics working titles, wrote the fics, and came up with something better.

Instability - the world and the main characters' relationships are unbalanced in this fic.

Lucidity - this is the first fic that I thought of from outside inspiration before the story was even written. It comes from the song "Silent Lucidity" which I heard once, fell in love with, and wanted to reference in some way.

Purity - the world's kind of put back into some order.

I have a series of four "books" at twelve chapters long to encompass a retelling of the second season of Digimon. Collectively, they're under the title "Long Twilight Struggle", which comes from John F. Kennedy's inauguration speech. I heard it once in history class, felt that flash of inspiration, and wrote it down to use for something. Many years later, I looked up the entire speech.

Heirs of the First Revolution - The second Chosen Children are introduced and given some guidance from the first set of Chosen. The second revolution is the attempt to defeat the new enemy.

New Alliance for Progress - The Chosen have to decide whether to welcome one former enemy on the team while another enemy falls even deeper into darkness.

The Loyalty of Faithful Friendship - New friends prove themselves to the team, and the Chosen Children get a little bit stronger.

Planned or Accidental Self-Destruction - Plans go completely wrong as one Chosen wants to save the world and the team has to save them.

After these, there's a planned sequel titled Light of Posterity which comes from Bill Clinton's inauguration speech.

I'm almost embarrassed to show my working titles but...: "Illumination", "The Elements", "Lucky End", and the worst of them all "Written in the Stars". Though I still like "The Universe Gave Me You", which is a phrase the character thinks in the story and pretty much describes what happens.
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