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Here's what I think.

First off, Zimmerman was wrong with approaching Martin. His mistake, thus his fault for whatever injuries he sustained.

Second, Martin was wrong in attacking Zimmerman (out of, what we can assume, fear for his life). That, however, isn't much against a dead man.

Zimmerman could've avoided all of this and prevented Martin's death if he did what he was told. Unfortunately for Martin, though, he was pretty stubborn for a wannabe cop and intentionally followed him.

Zimmerman caused the mess, and finished the mess. He was completely at fault for everything that happened to him and Martin. Not only that, all of his claims and stories are solely against the word of a dead man. How fair is that?

Nonetheless, all jurors in any case are specifically instructed that, if in the case of "reasonable doubt", to plead not guilty. That's general business in a case without any witnesses that aren't suspects, normally.
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