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I use Ness and let me tell you he's not a good character at all, even Lucas.

He's awful in Melee and Brawl and only OK in 64. While he has some high highs (fantastic aerials, projectiles, priority and grab game) everything else is really bad. His recovery is pretty much the worst, his approach is terrible, his grab range is bad (that means his reliable methods to KO are hard to get), his reach is poor and his set of smash attacks are awful. I don't use Lucas enough to know what his flaws is, but I know he pretty much is the opposite of Ness in that his aerials are bad but his smash attacks are incredible, oh and he has bad grabs but his recovery is much better.

I'm seriously hoping he gets buffed in Smash 4. He's been one of the worst characters for a while...

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