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    Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
    This is almost as bad as the kid who got suspended from school for making a gun shape out of his poptart.
    Ah, that was a great topic. In that case there was a slim basis as to why everyone overreacted, despite being humanely pathetic. This one is somewhat uncertain and just weird.

    My real question is, why did the girl act like having all that chocolate was a big deal? I mean, she hid it in a toilet bag and in her suitcase lining, which really makes no sense and it just outright odd. If you want some chocolate, bring maybe three or four bars, and maybe some for your friends because I guess this was some kind of bizarre party/ritual centered around eating it, so they'd probably want some too. She treated it like she was sneaking people across the border.

    As for the teachers, let's point out that opening people's mail is indeed illegal, and the fact that they didn't receive legal punishment for that is concerning nonetheless. But treating the girl as they did was unnecessary. I mean, come on, it's not like she was grinding up the chocolate and dumping the powder into the water tank. She obviously had no intentions to poison anyone and simply wanted to binge on chocolate, so the extremity of the punishment was just wrong in every sense. It's even worse that they let her stay on the trip yet they wouldn't let her do anything. In the definition of hazing, that's exclusion, and teachers are not supposed to promote bullying, which they clearly did. That right there is solid basis that the teachers were wrong.

    Simply put, people are nuts. No pun intended.

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