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    I definitly looove FR/LG, they're my favourite games of the whole franchise. But I have to agree in here. I was already pretty upset when they implemented a stupid (in my opinion) weather system instead of day and night in R/S, and then FR/LG didn't have it either, I was really dissappointed for this although a little happy for the lack of the stupid weather.

    I'm sure that if night and day were implemented (as in G/S/C not the ****** way of R/S/E) Espeon and Umbreon wouldn't be available until you got the National Dex like with Crobat, but I've wouldn't mind that, I would be pleased seing Kanto changing from day to night on GBA grafics, but I have to wait longer, until HG/SS.

    Still FR/LG are my #1 pokémon games!!!
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