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    Yuria & Marie

    With her prey sufficiently weakened, and, indeed, completely out, Marie swooped in to snatch her up in perfectly shaped arms. Before anybody could spot the hunter leaving with Yuria, she bundled him away in her arms like a princess as she sprinted through the school halls, taking the pathways that avoided large groups of people, thanks to the gift of her psychic map. Back to the room where the nurse woke her up; nobody would suspect that she'd return there, which makes it all the better for planning to have tea and crumpets with the unconscious Yuria, because this is a kid's forum, you know.

    The door slammed shut behind her; she found the room vacant, and softly laid Yuria upon the pristine white bed. For a few moments, she simply stared at the young man, and basked in his silent radiance. She didn't need to speak, because she spoke with each breath that sent his little chest up and down. But the wound on the back of his head remained something to worry about, and after cleaning and dressing the injury* Marie realized that there was only one way she could truly nurse the ice student back to health.

    With love.

    Perching herself besides Yuria, Marie laid her upper body across his, and wrapped her arms around the slender boy, cradling him against herself and channeling all of her (admittedly a little amorous) adoration into the embrace.

    *A skill she pulled out of her perfect behind.

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