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    Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
    This whole section is for that, so you did come to the right place. Always search the forums (or at least visually scan the first page or two) before suggesting something new or reporting a new problem though, in case someone else already did it!

    You should receive a notification when someone "likes" your post. You can view who has liked your posts in your user control panel, at the bottom.

    I also believe a system for notifications when someone quotes your posts is in the workings. It sure would be a great addition, if there is a thread you might not want to subscribe to for whatever reasons, but still want to know if someone wants to reply to what you have said.

    If you for some reason don't get notified now when someone likes a post you've made, you can go to your Options and turn the feature on.
    I don't have that many posts, so I wasn't sure if maybe I have been. And, I believe a quote system should be easy to add, since it's just adding a good plug-in, but I guess this site could be going for a more original approach.
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