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Originally Posted by reniersnyder View Post
I think that there should be a place in the forum for only Pokemon Manga. The reason why is because I personally feel that the Pokemon Manga topics get overlooked by the Anime topics. if it could be a sub forum that would be a step as well. I know that there are some Pokemon Manga(Most of them are Pokemon Adventures) that would like to see a forum about it. I for one is one of those fans. I hope that you take this into consideration.


Originally Posted by Dark Leader Adam View Post
I do feel a Manga section would benefit a lot of people, It's quite hard to find discussions people are having on manga and most of them are generally about manga as a whole rather than different genres.
Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Like it was said above, we DID have one before. The traffic to the forum was really low and the forum itself wasn't really producing any activity so the forum was taken out and the Manga was moved in with the rest of the General Pokemon discussions. Once the activity for the Manga discussions picks back up we should re-open the manga forum.

Until then all we can do is try to pick up traffic to promote the Manga. With out that there is nothing worth discussing and without anything worth discussing we can't have a forum for it.
Originally Posted by Radiance View Post
I would only add a Manga section if it would be active. It sounds like a good idea, but just how many people are into the Manga?
Just like Antemortem said, the only way to make more manga topics pop up is to make them! So if you are itching to talk some pokémon manga, head over to Pokémon General and do it. Like Hikari10 pointed out, there is a whole thread dedicated to discussing various pokémon mangas, in case you don't feel like you have a topic that could use a whole thread to itself. The first post even lists some of the most (and less!) well known titles, if you are curious about where to begin or what it's all even about.

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