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Battling-wise, Zapdos is my favorite bird. It has a unique mixture of types, its stats are all right, and its movepool isn't that bad compared to a lot of other Pokémon. I have a Zapdos who knows Roost, Thunderbolt, Toxic, and Heat Wave. It acts as a special wall and is able to deal with Pokémon that most teams seem to be weak against. Toxic is there to take down Pokémon that have high defensive stats, such as Hippowdon. With Heat Wave, it easily counters Breloom, a Pokémon that many people love to use. Thunderbolt will make it easier for you to defeat rain teams. Finally, with Roost, you could always make sure that your HP is never low.

Articuno is my favorite design-wise. Its eyes are very pretty, it has amazingly bright colors, and its tail looks like a big ribbon, which is absolutely beautiful. (:
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