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It's parenting like this that I have minimal respect for. Sure it's creative; but it's also kind of dangerous. I'm sure the people of the community are all questioning her sanity and competency as a parent right now. Some may agree with her. Some may not. I don't personally believe it's a very harmful parenting move; but I do question it strongly as I don't see any reason to punish an 11 year old this way.

Was what the child did wrong? No. Was it inappropriate? Yes. Children should be taught how to act appropriately; but I believe in my heart of hearts that 11 is too early to expect to understand that something such as twerking is seriously inappropriate even if they know not to do it. If you're going to raise your children conservatively; at least keep in mind that they're going to try things you told them not to. I think that if we stopped hiding simple truths from our children; that these things would not happen as often as they do now. Immaturity is not a real reason to hide something from them and punishment should not be cruel, excessively unusual, or anything that puts them at risk for later problems in life. This kid is going to have a very unfortunate reputation among her peers early on. Her mother is going to have a darkened reputation as well.

I can imagine other ways her mother could have handled this; while achieving similar amounts of punishment-induced and lesson-teaching misery; without potentially worsening the situation like this could.

This is all my personal opinion however. In the end I always say "Parent however you want." There's fewer things more fiery than a parent scorned; and in the end you can't really fault them for trying anything they can to protect their offspring. It's a natural response, and it often delays reasoning a little bit.
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