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    (Ray said I could help out this topic, so if you're all wondering why I'm asking questions then that's why Hi)
    Questions for Serena (Daughter of the Dawn):
    • Obviously, I'm interested by the fact that you have a foot fetish. Where did that come from? Have you had any partners (if you've had any at all) that were okay with it?
    • How did you burn your house down? Was it underwater or on land? If it was underwater, how did it burn down?
    • What are the names of your Frog and your Fox? Describe their personality.
    • You say you're 10 years old, but you have the appearance of, well, a really short, fat teenage girl. Are things like this common in your race?
    • You say you're protecting a Dragon, correct? Why are you protecting it? What makes it so special? Is there an old folk tale associated with it? Do you know if it's even real? Does everyone in your race know about it or learn about it at some point, or is the knowledge of it kept a secret for only a select few?
    • You like to travel a lot, obviously. Do you prefer any specific places to stay at? Do you prefer water over land, or vice versa?
    • So, you can use fire underwater because your father was raised by the Water Dragon. Were others' parents raised by the dragon as well, or only your father? Are your dad and the Dragon related, and if so, how?
    Questions for Vash (couragehound):
    • So, Vash. That's quite an interesting name. Is there any hidden meaning behind it, or is it just a name?
    • Wind Masters? Explain a bit more about them. What are they? What is their purpose, or what do they do? Where do they reside?
    • Have ever thought about/attempted to find/contact your siblings?
    • A Crobat with no weakness to daylight. Interesting. Do you prefer one over the other? Do either of them hinder you in any way?
    • Articulate about your fight with the Skarmory. Who won? Other than your scar, did you escape with other injuries? Was it 1-on-1, or did the Skarmory have help? Did anyone come to help you?
    • Do you think you take things too seriously? Have any of your experiences caused you to lack a sense of humor, or was it just that way since you were born?
    • Are most Pokemon in the Zubat family similar to you? Describe some of their common personality traits.
    • Why would your pockets be stuffed with food? Are you a heavy eater? What's your favorite food?
    Questions for Bardon (slayer231):
    • You didn't give a lot of info to go off of. Do you not like talking about yourself and your life, or was that unintentional?
    • Describe the Srain race in more detail. What do they normally look like? What are some common personality traits?
    • If it's not too difficult for you, would you be willing to explain how your mother passed?
    • Have you ever asked why you don't visit your parents' parents? If so, how did your dad react?
    • There seems to be unrest between humans and Srians. Is this worldwide, or only in your school? Are Srians considered inferior to humans? Is there any public discrimination, such as signs that separate Srain facilities from human facilities? If so, why are Srians allowed on the planet you live on if they are oppressed in such a way? (This is under the assumption that this is on Earth; if it's on another planet, please explain some things about this planet and how humans ended up on it).
    • Some of your answers indicated that you aren't very wealthy. Is it like this for most Srians? Do Srians have a harder time finding a job than humans? Has your father attempted to get a better paying job at any point?
    • Do you do well in school? If not, what holds you back? Do Srians struggle in human school, or do they have their own school?
    • Are Srians expected to conform to human society, or are they separate?
    • Are Srians permitted to have romantic relationships (sexual and non-sexual) with humans, or is it strictly Srian-Srian? Is it illegal? Have there been people that you know of who have attempted these kinds of relationships?
    • Do you get in fights a lot, or was this fight with the kid a rare occurrence? If you do get in fights, does the discrimination, if any, against Srians influence this?

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