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Ah, so we have only eleven days left? Time flew by pretty quickly, didn't it? xD Anyway, I've pre-ordered Pokémon Y on GameStop couple of weeks ago. GameStop like to deliver games to their customers as soon as they hit the market, so it's highly likely that I'll be getting the game on its release day. If I don't get it on the release, then I'll most likely get it the next day. If not, then I will definitely get my hands on it the day after that. I may get Pokémon X as well, but I'm not completely sure. I might need it, though, if I ever plan on completing my PokéDex.

Fennekin is going to be the starter that I'll end up picking. I would've chosen Chespin, but its second-stage evolution, in my opinion, looks kind of bad. D: As for Froakie... well, Froakie and its evolutions are a bit too similar to Croagunk and Toxicroak, which makes me dislike them a little. My favorite sixth-generation Pokémon so far would have to be Auroras. I love its beauty and elegance, and it looks quite bulky, too! It should be able to take a lot of hits for me when it comes to battling. As for my favorite MegaEvolution, that's gotta be Mega Mewtwo X. It looks amazingly fierce. <3

Pokémon X and Y are going to make major shake-ups to the competitive battling scene, that's for sure. A new type was introduced, new moves were introduced, new abilities were introduced, new Pokémon were introduced, MegaEvolutions system was introduced, and the entire type chart was altered. It would take an extremely long time for battlers to adapt to all of this. In my opinion, it'd take a minimum of three years at the very least.