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    I use it sometimes. I always play for Dex completion, and it really does make things faster. I used to try to trade for Pokemon over Wifi, but I find it to be a hassle much of the time to trade with other people over WiFi -- you need to be online at the same time, it's common for someone to have connectivity problems, etc. I do some trading online, but I also use Pokecheck from time to time if I'm impatient and I want to get a Pokemon and keep going!

    I also like it because I don't RNG my Pokemon at all, and when I get RNG'd Pokemon in trades, they're often much stronger than my other team members because they have perfect IVs, etc. I use Pokecheck to make sure that the Pokemon are just boring old standard Pokemon. I don't download the .pkmn files either, so all of the Pokemon that I've gotten from there have the ribbon still (and I won't trade them to anyone else, either). I also only will download Pokemon with nicknames, because I like that it's a little bit of their old trainer's personality.

    Finally, I'm pretty adamant about catching as many Pokemon as possible by myself, so I only use Pokecheck for monsters that aren't available in the game. Basically, I am a big ol' cheater but I have rules for myself, haha.

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