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    Name: Kaizen "Yokai" Yukimura

    Nickname(s): His name is usually shortened to "Kai". "Yokai" is some weird disambiguation of his first and last name mixed together.

    Age: 17 (June 11)

    Gender: Male

    PokéGear Choice: Vintage

    Appearance: Kaizen is 5"7', which he himself considers to be very "tall" for his age. His eyes are a reddish tint of brown, matching a rather wild head of brown hair; the hair is tinged at the ends in a lighter shade of brown and if his hair were ever wet or brushed down completely it would end just at the base of his neck. He has relatively bushy eyebrows, nicely shaped but rectangular and odd for his facial structure. This gives him an seemingly intimidating glare when deep in thought or angered, but otherwise makes him appear comical in other everyday activities. He has fair, rosy red skin that goes into a slight farmers tan when shirtless. Speaking of which, Kaizen is relatively masculine for his age. His physique gives him a stocky yet toned body, yet his arms aren't extremely built and his legs are the same.

    Kaizen wears a black t-shirt underneath a long sleeved red leather jacket. He has a gray metallic keychain around his neck that he keeps certain memorabilia tied around and he wears dark blue jeans with red and black sneakers.

    Personality: Kaizen is a bit of a health nut. He takes pride in his overall health and seeks the betterment of those around him as well. In his down time, Kaizen doesn't mind playing a game of soccer or football and loves to see a game or two when there's an upcoming event.

    Besides his obsession with health, Kaizen seems to be very tactical and brooding. He's not known to read a lot of books and slack a bunch on homework and chores, but he does seem to be very calculating and takes a considerable amount of time when thinking up plans and strategies.

    When times aren't as troubling, however. Kaizen is usually happy-go-lucky (although not as "lucky" as the phrase implies) and in a very cheerful mood more times than not. Whatever friends he makes notice the fact that he's only ever serious when he's talking about food or deciding on something to do.

    Starter Pokemon:

    Species: Torchic

    Nickname: Pyre

    Classification: Tiny Chick Pokemon

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Speed Boost

    Attacks/Moves: •Scratch
    •Focus Energy
    •Crush Claw

    Traits & Personality: Torchic's nickname is Pyre. Pyre has an innate habit of running around and tackling or pecking at anything insight. Kaizen swears it's just Pyre's "Vital Spirit", but many a friend and ally has tried to tell him otherwise. Whenever possible, Pyre stays out of his Pokéball- even going as far as running away from Kaizen when he tried to return him back inside. Despite Pyre's disobedient streaks, Kaizen most definitely sees the best in him, and somehow knows of his great potential.

    Roleplay Sample:
    Kaizen fiddled around with his keychain necklace for what was about to grow on two hours now. He knew this for a fact because he was watching the clock across the room tick away at it's regular pace.

    This was all he kept doing for the past...

    Hour and fifty-eight minutes...

    and thirty seconds.

    His parents were beginning to wonder if Kaizen was nervous, if coming all the way down from Oldale Town in Hoenn was a bad idea after all. It was, after all, just hitting a week since the Yukimura family decided to hold Professor Elm on his offer to hand out a PokéGear to their youngest (and only) son, Kaizen.

    Dear Yukimura Family,

    First off, congratulations on your retirement finally falling through! I was honored when you asked me of all people to sign off on it and keep it finalized. As far as that goes, you're officially a Pokemon Veteran! ... Must be so nice!

    I'd be happy to help Kaizen start off on his journey! And thanks again for coming all the way here to Johto on such short notice. I know that it must've been a long trip, even with all the flying types you two had come along with you. Once my aid finishes with the matter at hand, I'll be sure to remind her to send your Pokemon back over to you via the Pokemon Transfer System.

    Speaking of which, you should all head over to Cianwood City when you arrive. That's where my aid was asked to meet you. I do apologize, but I won't be able to see you upon your arrival. A pressing matter has held me to my research, and you all know how that goes...

    While I won't be able to hand out everything your child needs to begin his journey, I've instructed Lyra to hand out the bare necessities to ensure he has a good start.

    Now as far as Ozu goes, your Blaziken has successfully delivered 4 beautiful baby Torchic! You can thank Lyra when you see her for the delivery, as I kind of grew nauseous at the fact and ... Temporarily clocked out...

    Ahem, well... I wish your son the best on his new endeavor, and hope to see him rise to the occasion in the name of Pokemon Research!

    You all take care now! Be seeing you!

    Prof. Demitri Elm

    When he was told about it, Kaizen was at a loss for words...quite literally, actually. In fact, the closer his family grew towards actually coming towards Cianwood City, the fewer words managed to escape Yokai.

    "Mom!" Yokai called out, alarming her suddenly. "I told you not to call me that! It's embarrassing..."

    To this, Yuna, Kaizen's mother, let out a small chuckle.

    "Well," she started after ruffling through Kaizen's wild brown hair. "Me and your father were beginning to worry, Yokai. You haven't said a word since we got to Cianwood City."

    Noticing this for himself, Yokai... I mean, Kaizen, rested his necklace back against his chest and eyed his mom and dad.

    "You're not nervous, are ya', Champ?" His father, Choji, asked as he leaned up past his wife's field of view.

    Kaizen's glare retracted. "No no... It's not that." He fumbled for the words. He wasn't nervous at all. In fact, he was excited- grateful even -but his vocabulary couldn't very well portray just how excited and grateful he actually was.

    "It's just... I just-"

    "You're looking forward to meeting Ozu's Pokemon..." Yuna finished. "Is that it, Yokai?"

    Kaizen met his mothers gaze and smiled. "Well... Yea! When I heard Ozu was having babies, and that I was gonna get to keep one, I just... I-"

    "Couldn't wait to start your own journey... Right?" Kaizen nodded, prompting a warm laugh from Choji and Yuna in return.

    "Ah yes..." His father continued. "I remember my first time with Pokemon by my side. I'd gotten Ozu when she was just a tiny little Torchic myself. We went through the entire Hoenn League together.

    Just me, Ozu, and my crack team of Pokemon. We took down the right Gym Leaders and made it all the way to the Ever Grande City Conference. Then I met your mother and got creamed, but..." He let another chuckle escape him as an arm went around his wife lovingly. "... But it didn't matter to me at the time. I'd already met the love of my life; I knew it as soon as I met her too.

    And now here we are, thirty years later, watching our son get his chance at becoming the next Pokemon Champ!"

    Kaizen's heart lit up with excitement, minus the disgust slowly building up from watching his parents get all up-close and gross with each other. But, still, his father was right. If he meant to retell that story because Kaizen himself was finally going to become a Pokemon Trainer, then yes. He most certainly was right.

    Everything about today was going to be set in history. Moving from Oldale Town to Cianwood, finalizing his fathers retirement from the League, and getting to meet Ozu's baby Torchic for the very first time. It all drew back to one thing: Kaizen was set to become a Pokemon Trainer for real, and he was ready for everything that came with it.

    The only thing that kept crossing his mind, even after the clock read 2:13PM overhead, was why exactly he had to get his Pokemon from an aid? What was so important that stopped Prof. Elm from coming down to see an old time friend? Kaizen knew that Choji and Elm were friends and that the only reason Ozu was having her children here was because his father knew that Elm could deliver then much safer than the Yukimura's could. But why couldn't "Lyra" just send over the kids once they hatched by the PC?

    It must be a surprise, Kaizen thought. Why else would I be dragged all the way out here instead of just going to Prof. Birch back in Hoenn?

    "Well nevertheless.." Yuna said after minutes of weird parent lovey-duvey stuff. "You're about to be a Trainer, Yokai... And one day you may be able to find a special someone of your own..."

    The words played back in Kaizen's head as he chased Pyre around Lyra's laboratory. It was the hardest thing ever trying to keep the new Tiny Chick Pokémon from destroying precious equipment and merchandise. If he'd known training was going to be this difficult right off the bat, Kaizen more than likely would have signed up sooner!

    This is going to be great! Kaizen thought as he dodged nips at his face from his new fire type. This little guy's got a lot of spunk, I can tell! We're gonna annihilate the Pokemon League!

    His parents awkward glances at each other seemed to say otherwise, but nevertheless, they fully supported Yokai and truly could not wait to see what becomes of his new Pokemon Trainer debut...

    EDIT: Okay! Took out all mention of Prof. Elm besides the part where I made him appear to be an old friend of Choji (Kaizen's father). It should pretty much say now that Elm asked Lyra to hand out everything and he's wherever he is handling research business.

    If it's not up to par let me know, but here's hoping I fixed it this time. ^//^''