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Originally Posted by Adventure View Post
Scyke, that's one thing I wanted to discuss with potential RPers actually. I think I'd like the AI of pokémon to not be quite as high as in the anime, where they basically are like human beings at times. But also not just figures to use in battle, like they can be in the games. So somewhere in between, like intelligent animals that can understand and communicate somewhat with you, but maybe not come with revolutionizing ideas of their own. Therefore, they do well being guided in battle and have a trainer and such. Am I making any sense at all here?
That sounds pretty neat. Like the Pokemon can understand battle commands and other basic dialogue, but have no kind of complicated feelings and stuff, so like being attached with their trainers. I can work with that.

Also this will be my SU placeholder so that I don't stick myself everywhere in this thread :p


22 years old / Male
Theme Song: "Cooker Ship" - AHJ

Real Appearance: Lucas is a handsome man, or at least that’s what his friends claim. Coming from two Caucasian American parents, Lucas shares most of his facial features from his mum’s side rather than his father’s scruffy looks; he has soft yet unsually dark chocolate hair (so dark you could just call it black) which is kept as a mini curly afro. Other features include crystal blue eyes, slender cheeks, slightly pouted lips and a beard so small it’s hardly visible.

Outside facial features, one major thing about Lucas which anyone would recognise about him is that he is disabled - he has no legs beyond his kneecaps. Ever since a certain accident Lucas has had to always use a wheelchair, though he did turn down an offer of prototype everyday prosthetic legs from a doctor. Though being a ‘cripple’, Lucas doesn’t let this affect his physical well being, and trains himself in the gym nearly every day, meaning his upper body looks pretty well-built. Before the ‘incident’ Lucas was 5’11” in height, just about taller than average.

Personality: Lucas is surprisingly quiet for someone with his looks, though that doesn’t mean he's not social either. His easy to chat with, but you either have to be friends or instigate conversation with him as he can sometimes be a little empty-headed or unaware of his surroundings. But when he is conversing, Lucas has his own kind of charm and wit which makes him unique compared to other guys; he certainly has a bit of a “lazy swagger” about him, one which makes him easy to get along with and easy to approach. This has meant that Lucas just about got along with anyone he met, popular or unpopular, and he never discriminated who he talked with.

One aspect about Lucas is that his passionate with every interest he has; one thing he loves more than anything is his guitar, and being in a rock band was always one of Lucas’ dreams ever since he was a kid. Another passion he had which he kept secret from most was his love for the Pokemon series, which sounds strange, yes, but there’s history involved with this. Anyway, because of his passionate nature Lucas wasn’t one to let opportunities go amiss if it concerned anything that intrigued him, though that combined with his laziness meant an unusual combination which fused into meaning that he would go to the world’s end to pursue passions but be lazy on just about anything else. It’s weird, I know. Bear with me.

History: Born at New York City in 1999, Lucas was the little brother to his sister Ellie Young, who was five years older than him. Ellie loved her brother as long as she could remember; there was just something about Lucas and having a smaller sibling that made her adore and protect him as much as she could. She made sure Lucas wasn’t bullied or even made fun out of when he was in elementary school, targeting kids who tried to even lay a finger at him. Though it meant that Lucas didn’t have many friends except a few, he was always hanging out with his sister anyway, who always made time for her little bro. The two became siblings and best friends at the same time in those years.

Ellie’s and Lucas’ interests weren’t similar mostly, even in their closest years, but one thing always correlated between the two - Pokemon. Ellie was a huge fan of the series ever since getting a Game Boy Colour and Pokemon Gold from her uncle one Christmas, and Lucas was later accommodated with the games from his sister when she bought two Pokemon Emeralds so that she and Lucas could both have their own save files on her GBA. Lucas quickly grew fond of the franchise, and the two was always fighting against each other to see who could finish the game first, even if Ellie had an unfair advantage as it was her GBA they were both playing on.

As years rolled by Lucas was starting high school, with Ellie was moving to attend college somewhere else in New York. At this time though they were still close, Ellie was definitely now more involved with her future aspirations and friends rather than with her brother, and the bond which the two had when they were younger was definitely smaller now. High school was probably Lucas’ best years till now; he was embraced by nearly everyone because of his friendly yet charming attitude, and he even had a girlfriend once. Though not being extremely clever Lucas wasn’t dumb either, and easily sailed through his finals with Bs.

After receiving his finals results, the next day 18 y/o Lucas and his parents were invited to his sister’s graduation, and the plan after all was done was to bring Ellie home so that the whole family could have a dinner dedicated to her. After the day was over, the Youngs were in the car on their way back home. As the ride dragged on Lucas’ dad saw a clear road and so turned to say something to his daughter, even if he was the driver. Everything went fine until a frantic scream echoed inside the car, and Lucas’ dad turned back to see what was happening… but it was too late. The car skidded off on the highway, and out of nowhere another vehicle crashed onto the side, ramming the passenger door. Lucas instantaneously lost consciousness after the initial collision.

A few days later Lucas woke up slowly in a hospital bed somewhere in New York, at first thinking how the hell he got there. A doctor noticed him and came in to ask how he felt. Lucas tried to life his upper body with just his leg strength, but something felt missing to do that. It only took a few more seconds to realise what had happened to him. Unable to comprehend, Lucas grew paler than he ever had, and suddenly passed out again.

Another hour passed before Lucas was finally awake on his bed, talking to the doctor who was serving him. He was shocked to found out about the deaths of his parents, and was quick to refuse such news. Asking about his sister, the doctor said that she was still alive, but had gone into long term coma, and there was a high chance that she would never wake up again. Lucas again flashed white from what he was hearing, and for the next few days cried uncontrollably about his losses. It took a few months of therapy, paperwork and contacts with family before Lucas was finally let out of the hospital and back into the real world. Though the health bill was considerably large, Lucas’ parents had a surprisingly good health insurance, and so Lucas himself didn’t haven’t to pay much back himself.

The first year after the incident was possibly the worst for Lucas, who was traumatized and depressed about his situation. Living with his grandma at a much more quieter place in Ohio gave him time to think outside of the usual hustle and bustle of NYC, and Lucas was starting to feel more like himself when the NerveGear and Monster Art Online was announced by GameFreak. After seeing the news himself Lucas was overwhelmed with nostalgic thoughts of a young him and his sister playing on her GBA, and though some would of got even more depressed Lucas in fact was lifted even more and so tried getting back into the franchise, doing research and everything on anything he had missed out on. After the NerveGear came about Lucas was one of the first around his area to get his hands on one, and he started in Kanto as he wanted to try conquering all the regions in order.

Before he put on the NerveGear Lucas was nervous on having two whole virtual legs to stand on, and how that would feel in the game. But after he took his first steps, though stumbling Lucas was over-joyed with being able to walk and run and jump and do everything he couldn’t do again. Pokemon suddenly felt like a bonus to the whole experience; just being able to have legs was amazing for him. He was addicted to the NerveGear and so was on it nearly every single night. It became like a drug to him; he hated having to get out of MAO and back to his wheelchair, and always tried finding an excuse from work to try getting back into the virtual world. It was almost like a re-birth to him - and he wanted to stay in his new life.

Avatar Alias: INTUITION
Avatar Age: 22 years old / Avatar Gender: ♂ Male

Avatar Appearance: Lucas’ appereance in-game facial wise is nearly the spitting image of his real world self, the only difference being that his clean shaved and his hair is much shorter and not as messy as in real life; rather it’s roughly swiped to the side. His body isn’t as built in real life but rather of a typical skinny guy, but he kept his height the same. (5’11”)

Most the time Lucas isn’t wearing anything too fancy; just a red sports jacket, plain black t-shirt, dark navy denim jeans and black sneakers with white soles.

MAO Summary: Lucas knew the ins and outs of nearly every Pokemon game thanks to his extensive research when he was hyped for the NerveGear, and so already had his Kanto party sorted out from the beginning. He didn’t mess around at all and got going instantly, catching a Pidgey at Route 1 after receiving his Bulbasaur from Oak. Battling at first was an awkward experience for Lucas as he had only played the games and never touched any of the other media, but it managed to become natural to him as time went on. Because of his huge sessions in MAO Lucas was over levelled as hell before facing Brock, and he beat the gym leader easily, using a Lv 20 Ivysaur to sweep through the whole battle. Afterwards Lucas realised that maybe he was doing too much too quickly to really “enjoy” the game, and so toned down his play time a little and try to even play around with his Pokemon as if they were real. Because of the superb AI Lucas was even more absorbed into MAO, and so in reverse started spending even more time in the game to be with his Pokemon.

Right now Lucas is nearing Mt Moon, only having caught Pikachu a few days ago.

Starting Region: Kanto
First Badge: Boulder

Pokémon Team (up-to-date 09/12):
Ivysaur, Lv 24
♂ Male, Overgrow, Sassy
Razor Leaf | Poison Powder | Sleep Powder | Leech Seed | Sweet Scent | Tackle

Pidgeotto, Lv 24
♀ Female, Keen Eyes, Impish
Gust | Quick Attack | Sand Attack | Twister | Whirlwind | Tackle

Pikachu, Lv 20
♀ Female, Static, Naive
Thundershock | Tail Whip | Electro Ball | Thunder Wave | Quick Attack | Play Nice

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