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    Ask for applications and ye shall receive them. Meet Isak Mategu and Beryl Ibha (there is a lot of text here so I apologize if you are stuck reading for a long period of time. I tried to make them interesting. I will revise them as needed, but I really, really recommend reading the RP Sample before passing judgement):

    Isak's Application

    Name: Isak Mategu

    Gender: Male

    Species: Buneary

    Age: 21

    Title: "the Deft"

    Type Mastery: Fighting

    Nationality: Wild, Otori Tribe

    Appearance: As far as Wild Buneary go, Isak is only slightly out of the ordinary. In fact, if not for his tight woven gloves, tiny leather bag, and Gold Tribe arm band, he is a Pokémon you would expect to find on a stroll through Vigil Forest. This is because he IS a Wild Buneary... Well, actually he's directly directly descended from a pair of Wild Lopunny. As a result, his fluff is less floofy than you may imagine and his brown fur is bristly to the touch. His ears are also slightly thicker than other Buneary, as a result of training them for acrobatic use. As a male Buneary, he often gets confused for a female at first due to the inability of some to accept the existence of male Buneary.

    Isak is somewhat of an enigma to those that know him.

    On one hand, he is calm and calculating. One has to be in order to compensate for a lack of physical capability. That is understandable. He manipulates and consorts his body in battle to gain the upper hand, having fully integrated his springy ears into his combat style of acrobatic maneuvers and physical attacks. Some take this as the actions of a daredevil.

    On the other hand, however, he has a number of mannerisms unbecoming of a "civilized" Pokémon. He is suspicious of pretty much anyone he meets and does not build trust easily. While this is virtually unapplicable to anyone of the Gold Tribe or of Royalty (due to his parents teaching him to trust the Emperor and Gold Tribe), anyone who violates his hard-earned trust becomes a duly noted enemy.

    Of those he does trust, he tends to "test" them at times. Not to actually test their trust but, rather, to mess with them. This can include "thefts" of a sort, where he actually isn't stealing something, and are usually harmless pranks, but he is open to suggestions for some people.

    While he does not trust them entirely, he also tries his best to avoid upsetting his fellow "Wild" Pokémon by speaking to them before fighting them. Some "civilized" Pokémon take this as an insult to their "strength" and "courage" but Isak knows that there is nothing courageous or strong about killing someone just because they are not like you. Anyone who has knowingly killed "Wild" Pokémon when they were not of any threat are much more likely to be "tested" by him.

    In addition, Isak does not believe in Arceus. Rather, he believes in the spirit contained in each and every being, plant and location. Arceus is but one of many powerful spirits which exist. He "feels" the aura of the world around him of responds accordingly.

    He tends to chant and dance in the language of the Wild Pokémon at seemingly random times, though most would consider it gibberish.

    The egg of a "Wild" Buneary is easy to distinguish from that of a "Civilized" egg: The patterns are quite different. Isak's adoptive parents, a family of Lopunny knew that when they found his egg abandoned in the wilderness surrounding Amoon Village. They did not really care; an abandoned egg in the forest was Seviper chow. Instead, they adopted the egg and raised him as their own son.

    His adoptive mother, a retired Gold Tribe warrior named "the Fortuitous", had served for quite some years until she became physically incapacitated during a rather important mission. She had escaped with her life, but she had fallen into a stupor until she happened upon Amoon Village and her husband, where they settled down.

    But, as much as they tried, they could not "tame" the "Wild" Buneary and he often got into trouble with other Pokémon as a result. He just wasn't "like" everyone else. Still, the family taught him their ways. The main thing his family taught him, however, was his almost unyielding trust in the Emperor and his Gold Tribe.

    It was at his mother's beckoning, and somewhat of his own desire, that he went to and graduated from Exathian College of Union and Liberty. He was among the fastest Pokémon of his year, and definitely the most agile, though his unique mannerisms also impacted his life at ECUL. He did not try to make friends, but many took his actions as attempts to make enemies. Oftentimes, he'd come back to his sleeping quarters and find things out of order. It did not matter to him, however, as his top priority was succeeding his mother's legacy in Gold Tribe. Though his final grades were far from flawless, he excelled in history and literature courses, and running sports.

    After graduation, less than a year ago, he was adorned with the title of "the Deft", and regulated to normal Gold Tribe duties until the battle of Deathbringer's Mark where he... met his new partner, Beryl Ibha, "Steamroller".

    Met is putting it nicely. He saved her from the spirit of death at its own Mark. The Gold Tribe got massacred there. Isak will never admit it, but, after evading death by getting knocked unconscious, she ended up being the main reason he fought his way back to Union City. Experiencing war, an almost completely one-sided one at that, had changed Isak's attitude, and he had been extremely morose, even suicidal after realizing he wasn't dead.

    When he found Beryl, his survival instincts revived and he started rummaging amongst the corpses of his former allies for supplies, holding back the feelings of absolute disgust at the thought of what he was doing.

    For the next three weeks, the pair slowly made their way back to Union City to regroup with what Gold Tribe they could find. They crossed the sands of the desert, the mountains, and the forests, using Isak's knowledge of plants and wilderness to forage for sustenance all the while.

    Moves: Quick Attack, Bounce, Ice Punch, Switcheroo

    Other: Ability is Limber. Knows quite a bit about the spoken myths of the Wild Pokemon (myths not recorded in most books), as well as how to survive in the wild. In his bag, which he keeps track of at all times, he normally carries around small rations of berries and wild medicinal herbs, enough to treat small wounds and survive for long trips. He does not usually eat much, usually a single berry per meal, and is 100% vegetarian...though, depending on how much he moves that day, he may eat several meals per day.

    Beryl's Application

    Name: Beryl Ibha

    Gender: Female

    Species: Donphan

    Age: 43

    Title: "Steamroller"

    Type Mastery: Rock

    Nationality: Stygian/Shukahen Tribe

    Appearance: Beryl is a larger than average Donphan. It's just something that happens as you age, and Donphan are known to age extremely gracefully. While her tough hide may be losing some it's black sheen, she was still one of the stronger and most respected Donphan around in her pack. With experience comes scars, and Beryl has plenty: her ears look like they have been gnawed by Ratatta, her stocky legs are rough with battle scars, the pattern on her tough hide is disrupted by deep, aged wounds, and she is missing half of her right tusk... Something she regrets dearly as she has had to keep her Gold Tribe insignia on her left tusk since she lost her tusk at Deathbringer's Mark.

    Beryl used to be an inquisitive Phanpy, always excited to go to new places and explore with her snout. Now she is cautious, and will only proceed when scouts have already explored the area or when the situation is desperate. She really just wants a vacation to rest her sore, old bones for a while, but knows full well that there will be no such rest as long as the Stygian Rebellion is in full swing.

    But it doesn't seem make her mad. Little seems to makes her mad. In fact, on the outside she pretends to be an emotional rock. In reality, she has learned to channel her negative emotions into her attacks, a trick she learned at ECUL. Nothing makes her feel more relieved than slamming her full weight into something that can take it like the ground or large rocks or her enemies. When she can't vent her emotions, she tends to grind her teeth though she usually finds a way to vent.

    Outside of combat, she is one of the most respectful Gold Tribe members, never referring to another person by their nickname or title when talking with them or about them. She tries to call people by their title when enemies or other folks that she considers untrustworthy are around, however. The use of titles around enemies, rather than proper names, is more appropriate when there is someone who does not deserve to know your name.

    She is exceedingly loyal to those of the Gold Tribe or of Royalty and will usually resort to defensive positions around them when she isn't needed on the battlefield. It's a habit she has been trying to stop as it nearly cost her her life at Deathbringer's Mark.

    Beryl was born to a pack of nomadic Donphan in the desert around Pyrgos. As a child, however, her pack/family gradually moved into the town as the desert became less suitable for their habitation. Beryl grew up in Pyrgos while the Windseer lineage, led by Lord Pyreas, ruled with a soft touch. Under Pyreas, Pyrgos prospered and the Ibha pack as well. For as long as Beryl remembers, there was nary a time when they suffered.

    Around the age of 15, Beryl, an older Phanpy at the time, met members of the Gold Tribe on a routine trip to Pyrgos. Impressed by her strength at even her young age, one of the Gold Tribe there, an older Flygon with the title of "the Veiled" told the young Beryl of the tales of the legendary Gold Tribe and of the Exathian College of Union and Liberty, a place where, if she worked hard, she could become Gold Tribe as well. Enthralled at the idea, Beryl enrolled and was accepted to the ECUL with the Flygon's recommendation.

    At the ECUL, she made a friend of a number of classmates who went on to graduate with her to the Gold Tribe. These classmates helped push her through her classes, helping her refine her Rollout technique into something most of her classmates and some teachers could not stop by themselves. This was as a Phanpy, too; after she evolved into a Donphan like her pack, she could only be stopped by two things: her own volition, or the stronger teachers on campus. Though she was advised to avoid using Rollout on campus from then on, she went on to adopt the title "Steamroller" when she entered the Gold Tribe.

    At 24, four years after graduation, Beryl was sent as backup to handle the issue the Fire Tribe was posing to the current Emperor of Exathor. It was a mostly unimportant job at the time, but Beryl took it seriously. While standing guard, she noticed a Magmortar acting suspiciously around the tent where negotiations were taking place. She confronted him, and ended up being fired upon by his fiery cannons. She chased him off with a Rollout, but ended up with a painful burn down her backside that, to this day, reminds her of her first mission whenever it aches.

    After helping negotiations to proceed smoothly, "Steamroller" started to see more action, becoming well-respected in some sections of the Gold Tribe, sometimes jokingly referred to as "the Matriarch" for her strong personality.

    Eleven years ago, at 32, she returned to her home of Pyrgos, but not for pleasure. Indeed, she was acting under the orders which Emperor Dareon had bequeathed to the Gold Tribe: The loving Lord Pyreas had fallen of old age, and his rightful successor and son, the Umbreon Lord Teneth, had had his rightful title usurped by Hally Windseer, a fat and ugly Persian. Serving under the Gold Tribe "Colossus", a noble warrior Tyrantum, "Steamroller" fought in several battles against the tyrant, officially to instate the rightful Lord of the land, unofficially to save her people from the grips of a dictator. In the same battle where "Colossus" fell, "Steamroller" nearly had lost her own life.

    Though "Lord" Hally did die, it was not at the hands of any of the Gold Tribe but, rather, the work of some unknown terrorist. Either way, he was gone. Beryl took some time off, then, to stop by the Ibha Pack dwelling. Though they were concerned for her safety, they were proud of her all the same. Her mother, an old Donphan, was especially proud of the title that Beryl had taken due to a longstanding myth passed down from generation of Ibha to generation of how the family were descended from the stones themselves.

    Still recovering from her injuries from the Windseer Rebellion, "Steamroller" soon found herself serving under a Floatzel, Garland "the Exalted One", in the first of the Stygian Rebellions. The uprising was over in a month, squashed by the combined forces of the Gold Tribe, Eshir and Otori armies, and Beryl temporarily retired to her home in Pyrgos for well-deserved recuperation. In a few months, however, she was back to serving Emperor Dareon as a soldier of the Gold Tribe.

    Over the next ten or so years, Beryl exchanged barely legible letters with her mother and family in Pyrgos. As time went on, Beryl could tell that something was boiling just beneath the surface: Lord Teneth publicly condemning statements made by Emperor Dareon, political battles over the existence of the Gold Tribe in Pyrgos... She did not expect a rebellion at the time, but she found herself fighting in one six weeks ago.

    Three weeks ago, she ended up in the most devastating defeat in Gold Tribe history, ironically in the same place where the last Rebellion had been squashed: Deathbringer's Mark.

    Though she fought for her life, she wound up left for dead on the battlefield, her and hundreds of brothers and sisters betrayed by "Earthquake" and several other former members of Gold Tribe. She lost her tusk that day, something she will never forgive. Undernourished, fatigued, and injured, she was found alive by another Gold Tribe who had escaped battle with his life: Isak Mategu "the Deft".

    After treating her wounds with what he could scrounge from the corpses of their brothers and sisters, they proceeded to attempt to get back to Union City to regroup with the remainder of the Gold Tribe.

    Moves: Ice Shard, Iron Defense, Earthquake, Body Slam

    Other: Her ability is Sturdy, which allows her to tank hits. She seeks revenge against the betrayers of the Gold Tribe as well as the bastard she helped put into power: Lord Teneth. 100% vegetarian and tends to eat quite a bit.

    RP Sample:

    The forest is a nice place to rest when you've been on foot for weeks. The scattered sunlight pouring through the leaves of the trees, the ample wild plants, many of which are not toxic and perfectly edible... Compared to the mountains or desert, this was like heaven on Exathor. For him, it pretty much was.

    Isak Mategu, a Buneary, lay on the ground contemplating what the day would bring him and his partner, Beryl Ibha, a Donphan. The last weeks had been hellish for them, having narrowly escaped death, followed by a seemingly endless trek through barren lands. But the end was in sight now. Isak saw it last night: Union City was less than a days walk away. They were almost home. The pair of Gold Tribe would finally be able to find more of their kind that had not succumbed to the spirit of death.

    For now, however, they just needed to rest. Or, rather, Beryl did. The trek, tough on both of them for certain, had an even greater effect on her. She was needing more rest every night now, to have enough energy to walk on. She was a slow walker too... Isak blamed his lack of medical skills for that. He'd done the best he could with the supplies he could scrounge up, but she needed an actual doctor to help with her more serious wounds. Herbs and berries could only do so much.

    In fact, Isak was astounded she had made it this far in her condition. She was an exceedingly tough old Pokémon, and he was thankful to the spirits that she was. He watched her restfully breathe through her long, grey nose. Even though she was obviously battered and scarred from battles that Isak had probably only heard of, the scene was calming.

    Still, Isak felt the need to do something welling up inside him. He closed his eyes and paused for a few seconds. He decided it was time to go explore the area for the days rations. He'd come back every once in a while to check on the older Donphan, but the forest was too calm to do them any harm today. He could sense it.


    After scrounging the area for as many edibles and plants with medicinal properties he could find, Isak's small brown bag was overflowing. Still, Isak had not found a plant yet with anti-bacterial properties. He needed one to cleanse one of Beryl's wounds. He knew of approximately five varieties that grew in the forests around Union City that had such properties, but the spirits just were not on his side so far.

    He closed his eyes and sniffed the air. It was common for him to do so when scrounging, as it helped him trace familiar scents back to their origins. If only he could find one of those plan... Hey, wait a second. Was that...

    He sniffed the air again. He thought right. He knew that smell. It was the smell of one of the more uncommon plants with anti-microbial properties. A particularly stinky one at that. The idea that he had missed the smell earlier seemed impossible. He hated that plant. And yet...

    ...he needed it. It was only a matter of locating the plant now. He felt the wind blow past him... It was racing southeast. As it carried the smell, the plant would, therefore, be somewhere to the northwest. He started running in that direction, dodging under bushes and over roots, until... Yeah, that's the plant. Holy crap did it stink. It was repugnant! It was a plant pollinated by wild Venomoth and Venonat that were attracted to its smell.

    He felt like vomiting. His nose was far too sensitive for this. Still... He held his breath and quickly snapped off one of the plants branches before running back to where he and Beryl were resting that night. He made a mental note to thoroughly wash his bag when he got back to Union City, as even the single branch he snapped off, while enough to create a salve, smelled terrible.


    When Beryl woke up, it was to the smell of something terrible. She hadn't smelt anything like it before and was about to get up to investigate its source when she heard the sound of rocks smacking into each other. Isak was, apparently, making more of his improvised medicine. She was thankful for all his help in getting her this far, but she seriously considered asking him to leave her there rather than cover her in anything that smelled that rank. As she attempted to stand up, however...

    "Don't get up, yet, Beryl. I haven't cleansed your wound yet."

    Ever attentive Isak had been apparently been watching her when not preparing the medicine. Ugh... At least one of the benefits of Isak's medicine was the numbing factor. Among other things, it helped dull the pain of the gash on her belly, the reason she had taken to sleeping on her side ever since... that battle, was throbbing.

    "How much longer until it's ready", she asked, referring to the stinky medicine.

    "One more time...", came the reply from Isak. Beryl heard another sound of stone hitting stone and the bunny grunting. Then came the sound of movement. Isak was up and moving now.

    She couldn't see him. She could see the ground and the skyline, not her backside. She heard movement to her right, and then came a stinging sensation as something was applied to her belly. SH*T. That stung. But, even as the pain was registering in her mind, she felt a numbness taking it over.

    Isak the Buneary then stepped into view. He was carrying a flat rock with a green paste on it. His paw was covered in the paste as well. He looked like he was going to cry. Beryl couldn't blame him, his paw was covered with the disgusting smell of some weird plant. Still, he dabbed his paw in the paste, and reached for her broken tusk.

    "I'm sorry about this, Beryl..."

    The smell was worse when it was right near your nose. Oh Arceus, the smell. And the pain. OW. Isak had touched the end of her former tusk with his paw covered in the green paste. The stinging sensation was worse there, it was far more sensitive. The pain soon subsided like before but the smell was not going to fade for a while.

    "You can get up now, Beryl."

    That little bunny did not have to tell her twice. What with that unbearable smell, there was no way she would be standing still when she smelled like that.

    He hopped off while she got up onto her four legs. She shook her head. The smell was mind-clearing. She reminded herself of their goal: get back to Union City. The Buneary soon hopped back, his paw significantly less green than before; he apparently had wiped it on something, though there was still green paste on it.

    He fumbled with his bag and pulled out a fruit of some sort. It looked like a small Sitrus Berry. He offered it to her, so she grabbed it with her trunk and threw it in her mouth. It wasn't a Sitrus Berry for sure; the flavors were too dull. Still, it would have to do. The pair proceeded to eat more of the plant parts that Isak had gathered, until his bag was empty and it was time to get moving. Though she was not full, what nourishment he had gathered for her would have to do. They started walking towards where Isak had saw Union City the night before.

    "Thanks, Isak. You've been a real help to this old timer."

    "You're not old, Beryl. You're just experienced."

    She was that too, but she was definitely getting old. With each step she took, she felt her old bones rattled and sore legs. Even though they were so close to home now, it would probably seem like an eternity to actually get there.


    I just noticed this questionaire thing from June. I want to fill it out~


    1. Are you satisfied with your character(s), currently? Do you have any regrets about making them the way they are?

    I am completely satisfied at this moment. Only time will tell if I regret any of my decisions for them.

    2. What were your inspirations for their creation? Did you have intentions of giving them a certain role to play in the RP? A bodyguard, a scout, an all out fighter, everything counts as a role.

    For Isak, I can safely say that I was going to create a Buneary no matter what. I've been obsessed with them recently, you see. Still, he changed quite a bit from my original conception to my submitted Sign-Up. Originally, I wanted a Thief for a Buneary, noted for his keen quickness. As I read the RP, however, I came to recognize that, if he was going to be in the Gold Tribe, he could not be that. In fact, it would basically be ripping off Gerrick, a Krookodile pretending to be Gold Tribe to get rich.

    So I changed him. As I progressed through the RP more, I noticed a distinct lack of.. specialness? Connections with nature? I noticed a distinct difference between what Pokemon considered "civilized" and "Wild" and thought that was weird. I saw Zack firing harpoons with wild Magnemites, killing them and anything that the harpoon was near, and that was where I decided I wanted to create a character that would be Wild. Someone who would be disgusted at that kind of disregard for his fellow Pokemon just because they were "Wild" - Why would a "Civilized" person completely disregard the feelings of someone different than them?

    Fleshing out Isak took more than that, so I will also say that some of his other traits are derived from snippets of the story: The integration of the myths of old, Thrasher's comments about not being able to survive in the wild, and the introduction of the Otori Tribe.

    Beryl, on the other hand, started as a pinball. No joke. One of the first things I wanted when I was creating Isak was a Pokemon who could act as a living weapon for Isak to manipulate. Aided by a remix of a Pendulum song (Rollin' Voodoo People. Youtube it. Warning: Adult Language), I decided I needed a Pokemon which could use Rollout. So I looked at the list and... what do I find? Donphan. From there, I built an older female warrior Pokemon who could take the punishment from Isak's ears. In fact, I hope to make a scene with both Isak and Beryl where Isak is able to demonstrate his acrobatic prowess by "riding" Beryl while she uses Rollout.

    Building her personality was tough for me. My biggest inspiration for her was actually Thrasher, an existing character. The similarities are there if you look for them. I tried to make her unique, however.

    3. Do you think your character(s) are the best Gold Tribesmen they can be? And if not, do you wish for them to be better at what they do, or worse?

    Mmmm, I would not know at the moment. What exactly defines the "best Gold Tribesmen"? Is it loyalty? Strength? Courage? Character? Who knows. I don't. I don't know yet what I wish for them to be better or worse at.

    4. What do you have in mind for them in the future? Would they change along with the story, or would they remain pretty much the same - for the sake of funsies?

    My first goal is to introduce them into the story. I wish to have Isak visit his old home in Amoon Village and find a family heirloom which will become a useful item in the future. I also wish for them to take a bath in the river and get their wounds healed (check the RP Sample). Other than that... I have some ideas, but they'll need approval from the GM.

    5. Do you feel like any of your character(s) share (or could share) any kind of relation with another Playable Character? Tell us more about that!

    My characters will obviously be new to the RP, if accepted, but I tried my best to integrate them into the storyline as has been presented to me. Isak, being from Amoon Village, will probably be remembered by a number of Pokemon there. They'll probably be confused about his Gold Tribe status given his history there, but I think he'll be fine. I want to introduce him to Punisher, or "Four Arms" as he'll call him.

    As for Beryl, I tried to integrate her into the battles of old, to create a loyal tribeswoman who Garland can rely on and Thrasher can relate to to get out of his depression. The Gold Tribe needed someone with a little oomph to get things going, so expect her to Rollout when the time for battle nears.

    6. Who is your favorite character in the whole RP? Except Asaito, guys. Asaito is everyone's favorite. xD

    Asaito has his moments, but my favorite character in the entirety of the RP has to be Punisher. He's just bad*ss, as he himself proclaims many times throughout the story. He is definitely one of the strongest characters and he isn't afraid to show it, but he has the major character flaw of being too full of himself to notice when he's done something stupid. He's loveable and well-written in my opinion.

    7. Who do you think is Wallace and who Jenkins? The Glameow or the Purrloin? :D

    I noticed that you never answered your own question, sir. Still, I think the real posh character is Pendro. The Glameow and Purrloin could both be Wallance AND Jenkins for all I care: Pendro has enough class to out-class them both on a daily basis. They would have to take Pendro's Class on Poshness to compete with his poshness.
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