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Name: Arryn

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Personality: Albeit her appearance depicts her as innocent and naive, Arryn is quite strong-willed and more than ready to call someone out on their crap. She's not mean or cruel but will do what she needs to to survive. As history has proven, she is not quick to trust anyone. Arryn is also very impulsive and acts on will rather than think things through and make a plan.

Without her shard, Arryn sees the beauty in doing the unthinkable and becoming cold to those around her; she adopts a different sort of attitude.

Appearance:Arryn has many of scars from countless battles. She has a tattoo on her hip of a snowflake - call her sentimental - which always stays covered up unless reaching for something, stretching, ect.

Hybrid Trainer typing: Ice, Dark

Hybrid Trainer Ability: Adaptability, Rattled

Hybrid Trainer Moveset: Ice Shard, Frost Breath, Sing, Taunt

Pokemon team: Absol, Furret,

Attack execution: Arryn has a crystallised shard of ice that stays in her back shorts pocket. The shard is a tether of sorts that keeps her temper under control, the shard was constructed by her and a friend in Celadon City.

She has the ability to materialise ice daggers which she uses to fight with most of the time.

Arryn mainly sticks to using quick thinking and her speed when it comes to fighting those that are much more powerful than she is.