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I am updating the OOC with information!


The Pokerus Arc

This is absolutely happening. It's taking some time because while we move fast in real life, the RP days are incredibly slow. I think we have, actually, just reached the fourth/fifth day ahaha.

For those that are curious to know about what this will entail, you can refer to this post. When this is happening is up to debate because again, the RP days move quite slow. While it has already started (Archie kidnapping Tulip, brainwashing her, ect) the main point of this arc is yet to come.

The Galactic Arc

Details are still being finalised - we also don't want to spoil anything too soon!

The Legendary Arc





Third Typing

For those unaware, achieving a third typing is entirely possible. It has been done so with Tulip (as Orchid, gaining the Poison type) and Jason (gaining the Electric type after the Joint Post with Gray). Others are currently working towards this, myself included.

If you don't necessarily want a third type, you are able to swap a type out. This can happen through 'unlocking' the type such as through battle, realisation, an emotional event, ect or through more extreme measures, such as what Tulip went through. Experimentation, that sort of thing. Rocket will be the ones to do that to you, however.

In addition, 4/6 move-set will only be offered for those starting in the RP. With the types growing and the fact that it's hard to stick to just a few moves, we can use as many moves as we can unlock. Through development, however. Don't go mental xD

Combination Attacks

This was just discussed, literally an hour ago, as Zatanna and I had quite a conversation inbetween writing our Joint Post. Gray gave it the thumbs up, so here it is!

The idea is, essentially, creating a whole new move. For example: Arryn creating a shard of Ice - Gray can add Electricity to that for an extra powerful attack by touching, shooting it through his palm, various methods. It can happen quickly for battling purposes!

Also, for two characters with the same type, you can create a 2x stronger attack. Example: Jason and Tulip could create a powerful Grass attack by combining their efforts.

But there is a learning curve to making this types of attacks. We can't be too OP and to be realistic, it takes time to control and use these types of abilities, especially when we are making completely new moves from scratch. Practice makes perfect and it makes for a fun training session.

If you want to be the one to discover this, send me a PM and we can work out the details! (:

Team Rocket

If you want to be sided with Team Rocket, whether as a Grunt, another person of importance or a Hybrid, you can do so! We have a pretty sizeable list of current Rocket characters such as:


But hey! We're always looking for more recruits and if you need a break from your current character, if nothing is happening or you're stuck, having a second to fall back on is always fun.

Also, since it is a 'secondary' character, we've decided to up the ante a little. There will be some missions or tasks for Rocket members to complete (if you choose to do so). There will be, via intercom, someone such as Giovanni, Cyrus, Maxie, Ghetsis, or Archie with a task to complete. The difficulty will vary with whom is giving the order.

If you want your character to have one, send me a PM and I'll make it happen!

If I have not made something clear and you have questions, please ask. And if you have any suggestions, they are most definitely welcome! This information will be added to the first post, with Gray's (: Continue to look there for updates if you don't feel like flicking through the OOC thread to find this!