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Ultimate Brown Monocolor Challenge (Moon) - Second and FINAL Update


Thoughts on the last challenge of the game (and a video of the end of it) under the jump, to avoid spoilers in case you haven't played the game yet.


This E4 is probably my favorite iteration yet, just for the record
-Hala was probably the hardest fight, and the one i took on first. He took out the majority of my team and I had to use two of my Max Revives to get through
-Olivia was easy. Invincible was great, Iron Defense is brokenly good. Belwas got some really good Quick Claw rolls in.
-Acerola was easy but tedious because of some choices I made. I got into a stall war with her Palossand vs. my Stark. Ended up using two PP restore items. If I could have gone back I would have re-taught Stark a Dark move.
-Invincible swept all of Kahili's team with Rock Slide and Iron Defense except for the last chunk of Crobat's health. Used a couple Ethers here too because Mandibuzz's defense is ridiculous
-The Professor was simple as well. Invincible pretty much swept him too, including one-shotting his Ninetales with Heavy Slam after a lucky Blizzard miss.

Hall of Fame video:

Whisperwind the Decidueye, Lv. 54 @ Spell Tag
-Leaf Blade
-Light Screen
-Spirit Shackle

Stark the Fearow, Lv. 53 @ Sharp Beak
Keen Eye
-Drill Peck
-Drill Run
-Double Team

Belwas the Hariyama, Lv. 52 @ Quick Claw
Thick Fat
-Poison Jab
-Bulk Up
-Seismic Toss
-Brick Break

Sunny the Arcanine, Lv. 52 @ Charcoal
Flash Fire
-Extreme Speed
-Sunny Day

Invincible the Mudsdale, Lv. 54 @ Hard Stone
Own Tempo
-Iron Defense
-Rock Slide
-Heavy Slam

Kelso the Raichu-A, Lv. 53 @ Aloraichium Z
Surge Surfer
-Nasty Plot
-Volt Switch

Previous Members:

Kobold the Yungoos, Lv. 14

Boys the Digglet-A, Lv. 17

Greymane the Rockruff, Lv. 22