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It's Ricard. Just Ricard.


Ricard is a man in his late 20's with a lean and athletic build. He has sharp and intelligent grey eyes comparable to that of a bird of prey, with the correct expression his piercing gaze can hurt more than any projectile or blade. His black hair is longer than he'd like, but he didn't have time for a haircut before being summoned, so he slick it back to make sure it doesn't get in the way.

He's a man who kills, but one who does so for the right reasons and against some very bad people. Well, most of the time. He deals in high society 'removals' and thus prefer to dress for the occasion. Some black dress pants, a nice matching vest and a white shirt besides... and one would be a fool to forget a tie for flair and maturity. He's handsome enough and when appropriate can use it to his advantage, looks can kill as easy as his 'magic'. Why bother making things supernatural if they can be settled by something more mundane? Aren't the classic murder mystery stories more fun anyway?

His facial hair is neat and trimmed, a short black goatee maintained for a professional look while not coming across as too uptight or serious. His business is easier when he takes on the appearance of someone with an aura of authority, yet approachability. Top things off with a nice pair of dress shoes and the optional black suit jacket held nonchalantly over the shoulder and you're ready for a day in the life Ricard.

Weapons and Abilities

Ricard has the power to control movement and momentum. He can instill objects, people, whatever takes his fancy really with a sudden driving force through direct contact. A small metal ball in his palm becomes a speeding bullet to pierce through his enemies, a handful of sand becomes a swarm of piercing needle points. A large boulder becomes a slow moving shield from incoming fire. The amount of momentum he can generate varies by the size of the object, ranging from small and incredibly quick objects to large and slow trudging monoliths. Regardless of amount however, the applied force is instantaneous. By reversing the effects of his abilities, Ricard can also reduce or in some cases completely remove momentum, bringing a sudden halt to certain projectiles or other dangers. The rate at which he drains momentum is based on the amount of it present, a rapidly speeding object like a car would grind slowly to a halt... but the slow roll of a boulder on a slight incline could be stopped instantaneously if caught in time.

If quick enough, Ricard can also redirect momentum, turning moving objects and sending them along a different course. This takes a moment to do however, thus having fewer practical applications than one might think.

Due to the nature of his power, Ricard must have physical contact with an object in order to instill it with his specific brand of magic. This does however, lend itself well to the effects of Motukinesis on his own body. He can reduce his bodies momentum while falling to ensure a safe landing, he can increase the momentum in a jump or dash in order to propel himself upwards or forwards, he can rapidly increase the momentum in his fists or legs to bludgeon an enemy more effectively, he can even reduce the momentum of the blood flowing through his cardiovascular system in order to give a momentary illusion of death. Ricard is, however, acutely aware that his powers do not grant his body any sort of extra durability. Using Motukinesis on his own body, especially for the latter examples given, can put a terrible strain and risk on his body.

If not careful, he could very easily maim or even kill himself outright in an instant. A single Motukinesis infused punch or kick would undoubtedly be a last resort as it's nigh guaranteed to shatter the bones in his hand or leg... and the risks of messing with his own pulse are too obvious to be mentioned here.

Some people are never destined for greatness, but their lust for power and status can rise above even the musings of destiny.

Ricard was just a kid born into an abusive family. The 7 billionth and whatever sob story in a long line of disappointments and failures, inhabiting a world that seemed too coincidental to be believably random. He went to school like all the others, he played in the park like all of the others, he watched the hours fly by and his life get wasted like every other individual he walked alongside, like clockwork, like programming. All an experiment for a God he was never intended to meet.

The God of Deception and Truth was a fickle beast of countless inward conflicts. He made world after world, in some he gave truth and knowledge, he granted an understanding of the multiverse and its properties... to others he lied, he filled them with mere legends of his name and existence, worlds in which he was depicted as one, where he was depicted as many and wherein the various ideas of his incarnations were debated and warred over by the Gods greatest and shared creation, humanity. It was upon one of the latter variety where Ricard had been born, a product of a product on a world the God had forgotten. Nothing was expected of him, he didn't even inspire notice.

However, Ricard changed. He sat and he thought, he thought over the nature of his existence. Another life in millions... and he discovered one of his Gods many truths. Futility and self preservation. He noticed that the life his God had set him upon was pointless, if a God even existed at all. A dead end job, a boring routine and an inevitable ending of disappointment. If there was a God, he had intended this for Ricard.

Ricard refused.

He studied and searched the planet, he went to find a meaning where there wasn't any. He traveled and searched eternally until his youth was drawing near its twilight and he was certain to be sucked back into complacency with middle age. That, however, was when Ricard found the book. Alone, invulnerable and sitting plain as day upon a glacier on the Northern half of his world, Ricard found a truth left by God. The words were indecipherable but as he read, it made sense to Ricard, the laws of physics were created by beings whom lorded over the whims of the Universe. They were fickle things controlled by powers, they served a master just as any other did, they were almost alive, if living in servitude could be called living at all. Ricard read until his eyes were dry, searching for an answer to another question. How? He just needed an example of how.

He found one, on the last page it was explained in full, a method of the Gods.

Thus momentum would bend to his will, not just theirs.

It was easy to climb the social ladder when nobody could touch you. Those in his way were removed entirely, it was impossible to trace or explain when a stationary car somehow charged forward and crushed the irritating socialite standing in his way, nobody understood what had happened when a penny shot across the room and cut through the lady of the house like a bullet. He couldn't be blamed yet he was always there, people began to fear him. He found this acceptable. He had found the book after all, it only made sense that he ascend to a level beyond theirs.

So ascend he did, ascend to the point where the World was his. Ascend to the point where his creator took notice and informed him of his coming, a meeting, a talk. Ricard prepared himself to strike his manufacturer down, he would fight against a selfish God until he dropped dead into an abyss of non-existence. However, the God of Deception and Truth instead revealed to him another secret, he told him that there was more than just he whom had ascended to meet their maker. He told him that if he wanted to master the ways of a creator, he would have to prove himself a worthy student, he would have to remove those whom rivaled his tier, those whom could stand above all others as divine champions dominating the peons of life and humanity.

And in the end, Ricard received an offer he simply couldn't refuse.

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