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Scaled Experience Formula

In Generation V, a new way of determining the Experience Points gained after Battle was introduced. Previously, the Experience Formula was a flat one, which did not change based on Level Differences between your Pokemon and the other one.

In Black & White, they used a Scaled Experience Formula, which would cause your Pokemon to gain more experience if their opponent was a higher Level, and less if their opponent was a lower one.

Today, I am sharing a way to have this sort of Scaled Experience Points in Fire Red or Emerald. I have included the download link to a folder which contains four items.

Folder: (Download)
  1. The Routine (For Fire Red)
  2. The Routine (For Emerald)
  3. Think0028's Experience All Patch
  4. An Instruction Manual

The Instruction Manual explains how the routine works and any extra information that is necessary to know (particularly if you would like to modify this routine for your specific hack).

Considering I first uploaded the first version of this routine a long time ago, you may have an older version of it. This version may be preferable to that one, and it is smaller than the previous version is. Therefore, one can simply insert it over the old version and not have to repoint anything.

Extra Information

This routine is compatible with Think0028's Experience All Patch. His original download link is unfortunately broken, hence why I put it in the download folder. If it was still active, I would have linked directly to it.

If you inserted the Disable Experience Gain With Flag routine, originally by FBI, then you may wish to remove it, as this routine implements it. I am not sure if there is a conflict due to this, but at the very least there is a redundant check if you have two routines which both check the same Flag. It is also possible that this routine bypasses that one entirely, in which case you would want to remove it to avoid wasting space.

Thanks and credits to FBI for that original routine, as without it I would likely not have been able to find the correct branching address for this routine.

As I have nowhere else to post this information, I will say here that to remove the 1.5x Experience Boost you get for defeating a Pokemon in a Trainer Battle (like they did in Generation VII), do the following:

Put 07 E0 at 0x21DD8 (FireRed) or 0x4A698 (Emerald)

Put 1C E0 at 0x21E00 (FireRed) or put 28 E0 at 0x4A6C0 (Emerald)
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