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In safari zone, i went into a house and read the diaries, then a victreebell appeared and blocked my way out, then game crashed when i interacted with it...
That bug was already reported a thousand times. Avoid that house for now.

ON: I kinda forgot to post this but it looks like this might be the perfect time.
These are the most noteworthy bugs that Aethestode found in the Beta 13 Part 2 during his quick journey through it.

Green = Fixed.
Olive = Couldn't replicate the glitch to fix it or will be fixed in later patches since it's not that big of a deal.
Red = Can't be fixed for now.
Pink = Decision taken to counter one or more glitches.
Black = Not a glitch

Kangaskid's gender glitch
Kangaskid's branch evolution (evolves at level 20)
Kangaskid's to Cubone evolution using the "Skull" item.
Kangaskid evolving to Kangaskhoo via the "magical stick" item
Tangela evolving to Tangrowth via Leaf Stone fixed
Tangela evolving to Tangrowth via Link Stone fixed
Tangela evolving to Tangrowth via Friendship fixed
Tangela evolving to Tangrowth via Ancient Power + Leveling Up fixed
Vulpix evolving to Onetales glitch

Magneton evolving into Magnezone via Thunderstone
Magmar staying in Pewter City Museum Glitch
Sylveon, Glaceon, Leafeon and Kangaskhoo icon sprite glitch
Ramuh crashing the game in Cinnabar Island
Greg still being in Floral City
Ramuh in Viridian City
Gen 4 Pokémon icons
Hospitality Chapter Freezing and getting stuck upstair
Burning Museum Freezing
Kid Blue and Green frame fixed
Pallet Town PC Master Ball Glitch
Pickup Ability
Petal Storm Text
Petal Storm Typing
Invisible Block in Route 3
Blue's Tale 1 Freeze
Tree Reflection in Pallet Town
High Level Shellder
Movememet permission in Seafoam Island
Movement permission in Route 16
Movement permission in Power Plant
Wild Pokémon not appearing Power Plant
Northern Sector of Cerulean isn't blocked
Tile Glitch near Seaside Cottage
Tile Glitch in Pallet Town
Tile Glitch in Mount Moon
Kangaskhan Forest Movement Permission
Kangaskhan Forest Tiles
Typing Glitch
Victreebel in Safari Zone House not dissapearing

PokéDex Background glitch
Cutscene appearing in PokéMart
Waterfall Tiles Animation
Lavender Tower Tiles
Cliff's dialogue in Route 12

Lavender Town music
Pokémon Mart and Pokémon Centre having the same music theme
Fuchsia City Pokémon Centre Theme
Day and Night time turning back to daytime if walking near a warp
Sarapi can't learn any TM or HM
Nidoran not dissapearing after Cinnabar Island
Surfing on SS Anne

Jigglypuff holding a mic (How on earth is that glitch???)
After a cutscene sometimes grass or footprints will appear black for a while
Teleport Glitch
Dragontail on Wild Pokémon glitch

Tile Error in Route 22
Random NPC appearing again at certain events in the game
Green Tank Tile Animation

Pallette sometimes get screwed up (can be fixed after opening menu or entering or leaving buildings)
Egg Hatching Palette
Circle Throw after Double Battle
TM sometimes dissapearing
Pokémon evolving through friendship
Necromancy's PP
Underwater Battle Background glitch
Poison causing infinite life
Custom Pokémon Icon

PokéDex recording Pokémon that you haven't caught
If you skip player naming, your main NPC name will be "U"

Nidorino's name being written as "Nidorina"
Pre-Battle Mugshot was removed . They were barely used and was glitchy when using with costumes
Follow Me Feature has been removed

High Level Shellder Glitch
Koga Sprite matches mugshot
Safari Zone Freeze Glitch (the game was freezing when the Player evolved a pokémon)