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@Logan First I'm finishing maps, then adding NPCs, then making them work (dialogues, battles, custom events...)

Another small update!
The mapping progress for a first gym demo is almost ready. You can walk from New Bark Town til Violet City. Indoors are still a WIP, same for NPCs, that's why some screens may look empty, NPCs are missing.
I changed the text-boxes, to get a mix of classic games, with the HG/SS style, I hope you like it!

You can now Headbutt trees

Spinarak and Sneasel will have their Pokémon Gold/Silver colors. Also I added a background for field battles, you can see it there since that Pokémon came from a Headbutted tree, and I wasn't in the wild grass when I headbutted it. Also changed the intro background colors, they are matching HG/SS now.

Who the F is that guy?

I think this looks cool -ignore NPCs please-

Why not?

I made this, I hope you like this

Heracross got improved, and changed more sprites with revamps, not showing all of them since you know, that wouldn't be funny when you play the game, but can take a little taste of it.

And I don't know, some routes?