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YOLO. Nah.

I really don't think I have a motto really though I have some favorite quotes that I live by.
“Life is short, beauty is fleeting, the glitz and glam comes and goes… it’s exhilarating to soak it all up, hold onto the good, toss away the bad, and continue to live according to what’s truly important.

Onward.”- Adam Young

“Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't want to live there.”
― Adam Young
“I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.”
― Kurt Cobain
“You’ve got mountains of your own, I’ll bet on it. Take heart. Be encouraged. Remain steadfast. Hang on for dear life. You’ve got a better grip than you realize.”
― Adam Young
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Just to name a few, mostly Adam Young quotes lol, but I really would say one of those would be my motto if I had one. particularly the one from Kurt Cobain. I prefer being myself than trying to be someone people want me to be and the way society shapes it out that I have to be.
"Unable to perceive the shape of You, I find You all around me. Your presence fills my eyes with Your love, It humbles my heart, For You are everywhere"
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