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If your characters found a genie, what would their three wishes be?
If he offered three wishes each of my characters would get one.

Kouki - Would wish to get accepted into the Pokemon Researcher's University.
Jun - Would wish to be the greatest Pokemon Trainer ever and be able to battle his father at the Battle Tower.
Hikari - Would wish that she could choose between Kouki and Jun.

What would your characters read if they had time to do something so trivial in the midst of their adventures? Comics? Books? Newspapers? The sides of cereal boxes?
Kouki has a Pokemon Magazine that he reads thoughout the trio's Journey, it has a bunch of information on raising Pokemon and the Region of Sinnoh itself.

Jun doesn't have time to read, he's too full of energy for that.

Hikari sometimes reads Kouki's magazine and she would probably read a book if she had enough time.
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