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    Originally Posted by An-chan View Post
    And then, to stir up some more conversation: how does that exchange machine they use in the St. Anne episode work?
    The explanation I usually use is that the machines rewrite trainer information digitally. The ball would probably have its own computer chip that states a trainer's ID number and the contents of the ball (as I've mentioned in my other post, concerning balls "writing" the "code" of the Pokemon it contains). The machine would most likely copy the information from one ball, send the information to the other ball, and overwrite the second ball's data while a copy of the data from the second ball would transfer to the first.

    Given the fact that Pokemon can apparently be broken down to a digital form and sent via computers ("Electric Soldier Porygon," the games, et cetera), "data" here also includes the Pokemon within the balls. Alternatively, the machine merely overwrites the trainer's data, and the ball is transported digitally to the other end of the machine.

    Oh, and also, didn't Ash just let his Pokémon free by letting them go? He did nothing with the Pokéballs, right?
    That we can see, yeah. But even then, yeah, Ash would be the one to hope that the Pokemon he lets go will come back to him. He did, after all, promise Pidgeot (and Primeape, if I remember correctly).

    Also, Xanthine: Have you seen all the episodes? How can you know even their names? Or are you looking those names up as you go? :laugh: Just curious...
    XD Not all of them. I've seen all of them up until the Battle Frontier, and I know the basic premise of a number of them. I just have to look up the episode titles for many of the ones from Johto Journeys onward. (It was so much easier when the anime was actually giving names to the episodes that actually described what was going on in them. Like "Pokemon Scent-sation," "Haunter vs. Kadabra," and "Showdown at Pewter City." Whatever happened to those days, guys?)

    I used to be an avid fan of the anime until recently, really, even though I badmouth the Johto arc whenever possible. I just can't be arsed to wake up early enough to watch the series since I got to college, which was conveniently around the time that Battle Frontier first started to air in the US.
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