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    Originally Posted by Meganium90 View Post
    I have a huge fear of spiders. But great choice on the Joltik, btw. Small spider, but absolutely adorable. :3 It can trap its enemies with its Thundershock. :) It's also small, so you might want to watch for it. xD
    Yeah, its size is the one thing that would worry me the most if I actually had one. I might accidentally step on it or something :c On the other hand, being small does mean it would be easy enough to carry 1 around. Or 500.


    Originally Posted by BZW Golem View Post
    Joltik may be a spider, but for some reason he doesn't.. give me the same feeling as other spiders (I'm not scared of them, i just don't like them xD).
    So good pick :3
    Exactly! My usual response to a spider is to quickly give it the sole of my shoe, but I just find Joltik to be far too cute for that. One thing I'd really love to have is a bucket bathtub room full of to-scale Joltik plush toys.

    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    Also, I think Dwebble should be added! <3

    [insert awesome Dwebble picture here]
    Yes! The Dwebble episode was one of the ones I saw from BW, and I thought it was so cute!