Seen April 9th, 2019
Posted April 9th, 2019
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Hi! Recently started playing and I really like it. But several things seem off. Like how pokemon levels jump to match the level of mine. I went back to viridian forest and suddenly there were level 22 weedles. Also a trainer I avoided the first time around had lvl 20+ pokemon. (But the Team Rocket JJ still has low level pokemon. I fought them again.)

Then sometimes I have trouble entering some areas. Like where the Team Rocket JJ is. My character freezes a bit. And often I have to leave then try again before I can get in the area and challenge them.

Thirdly, after I caught and leveled up the Deoxys, I tried using it's teleport, but I get the message: "Want to return to the last healing spot in Walk Intro?" Clicking yes, actually does bring me to the walk intro, and if I continue on, the screen will turn back and I will get an error message.

And I have a question: will I be able to catch all the starters eventually? Will I be able to encounter them somewhere in the game?


PS. Sorry, I'm new here. I haven't figured out how to attach images in messages, so I can't send a screenshot of the teleporting problem with Deoxys.
PPS I used the patch in one of your above posts, and the teleporting thing wasnt resolve. But I did notice that one of the trees that need to be cut has mysteriously disappeared--the one leading to the growlithe in route 1. (I don't have cut yet. This is just really weird to me, but at the same time, I want the growlithe, so i don't mind that it has disappeared XD )