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Cracks: A Sinnoh Story

Sinnoh, a region far to the north of most others. Sinnoh is a land where science, legend and nature all converge to paint a complex canvas. The region is dotted with landscapes pleasant and extreme, enormous cities and tiny rustic towns and everything in between. It is also a region full of young trainers itching to explore it, to experience the life of a trainer and all the wonders Sinnoh has to offer.

Much like Sinnoh itself though, the life of the trainer isn’t always as glorious as the stories might have you believe. The moments steeped in glory are there, but so too are the other extremes, the moments of desperation or terror. Sometimes to see the positive extreme you have to go through the negative.

How the RP Works
This is a small, plot-driven RP for 3-4 people. The story follows a group of beginner trainers who together are setting off on their journeys and is broken up into story arcs that for the most part are dictated by routes and cities.

Each member of the group will have their own goals, and you will be able to explore those goals to their fullest extent. However, this RP is also quite plot intensive and chapters may also have required objectives that need to be completed before we can move on to the next part. The pursuit of each character’s ambitions might drive the story at first, but ultimately is the secondary plot.

In Cracks, like it's sibling RPs, you are playing as a group who will be travelling together. That means that this will likely be a very JP heavy roleplay. This does not mean that your characters will be with each other at every moment though, you are free to and encouraged to explore locations on your own as well. In fact, it will often make the plot easier to enact if your characters are not always together.

Each area will have a set of predefined Pokemon available that will consist of Pokemon typical of that route in the game as well as extras from other regions. These may be tailored to the participants to an extent. You are able to catch as many of these Pokemon as you like and at will. However, you may only evolve or teach a move to one Pokemon per chapter under most circumstances. Pathways will more follow the anime style and thus levels do not exist. Instead you should use the level up chart as a loose guide for teaching new moves, but can teach any move your Pokemon can legally learn using your available slot. This includes TM and tutor moves. Trade evolution does not exist.

In Cracks, Mega Evolution and Z Moves are both canon (no dancing required). I am open to discussing customised Mega Forms or Z Moves.

Sign-Up Sheet
Please do your best here as on account of the very small number of people I’ll be accepting into the RP I’m going to be fairly picky. Also, I’m not requiring a history section as it would cause conflict or push things onto other characters, but as a group you need to consider how your characters know each other and should probably keep that in mind as you write.

Age: 14-18 (I’m using 16 as the middle ground here and would rather not have too much variation in either direction).

Appearance: Either a written description or a short written description with an image

Starter: Name/Gender/Ability/Up to 6 moves

1. GM word is law
2. All RPT/PC rules apply
3. Real shocker here, the RP is rated M.
4. Keep in contact and try not to hold each other up. It’s okay if the RP doesn’t move super fast, but try to be reliable.
5. As always, have fun or die. ;)

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