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    Originally Posted by Kurapika View Post
    Wow, I'm so proud of myself I did something like you Jambo. XD
    Please, do you thínk that stuff like Prankster and Sucker Punch is possible to do??
    Looking at BSP, Jambo's already got Sucker Punch working. It's one of those extra bytes he
    was talking about. It's listed as 'jumpiftargetisusingstatusmove'.

    My guess would be that if the target is using a status move, it jumps to a new priority check.
    I suppose that Prankster is built in a similar way, where it would check if the user was using
    a status move. I have no idea about the actual implementation of this or how to replicate it.
    You may want to ask Jambo for that.
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